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The Empty

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Before the Universe and even [[God]] and [[the Darkness]], there was only the Empty, an infinite black void. The Empty appears to exist outside of creation, and is the final resting place of [[angels]] and [[demons]], who slumber peacefully in the vast nothingness. A [[Cosmic Entity]] appears to preside over the Empty, sleeping alongside the angels and demons. The rare act of waking up inside the Empty will also jostle the Cosmic Entity from its slumber, forcing it to remain awake for as long as the angel or demon remains conscious and within the Empty. According to the Cosmic Entity, it is the only being that has any influence in the Empty, even surpassing [[God]]'s will.
The [[Nephilim]], [[Jack Kline]]'s prayer to Castiel was he was able to reach him there.
The Empty is first referenced by the [[reaper]] [[Billie]], when she is delivering a message to [[Sam]] regarding his and [[Dean]]'s place after the death of [[Death]]. She states that nothing is able to come back from it, which is eventually disproven when a Cosmic Entity residing in the Empty revives [[Castiel]] and sends him back to Earth.
===[[14.07 Unhuman Nature]]===
A distraught [[Nick]] [[Prayer|prays]] to [[Lucifer]] after killing [[Frank Kellogg]], his . His prayers to be with Lucifer again cause something to rise up from the black viscous void as , taking the form of a skeletal figure with glowing red eyes.

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