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The Colt

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[[Castiel]] returned to the Bunker to talk to Sam and Dean about his temporary partnership with the angels, but it turns out to be a ruse to steal the Colt which was under Dean's pillow rather than in their safe for safe-keeping. After [[Joshua]] had tracked down Dagon through a celestial pulse caused by the [[Nephilim]], Castiel and [[Kelvin]] went to her safe house along with Hozai and the Colt to kill both her and [[Kelly Kline]] with the remaining two bullets. He used one of the bullets to attempt to kill Dagon, but she teleported out of the way. Castiel went downstairs with every intent to kill Kelly, but he couldn't do it. After Sam and Dean had caught up with them, they explained their plan to make the Nephilim into a human by extracting its grace so both the baby and Kelly can live, but Kelly refused to let them do it because she wants her child to be born with its powers. After waiting in the Impala, Kelly had taken the keys and drove away with Castiel intending to go to [[Metatron's Cube|Heaven's Gate]], leaving the Colt with Sam and Dean. When they arrived, they discovered that Dagon had caught up with them after killing Hozai, Kelvin, and Joshua when he appeared. When Sam and Dean arrived and tried to stop Dagon from taking Kelly again, she attacked Dean and took the Colt from him. Dagon used her power to heat up and melt the barrel of the Colt, causing the muzzle to fall off and severely damaging the gun. Castiel is later able to kill Dagon without the Colt using the powers of the Nephilim; [[Jack Kline]].
Sam retrieves the pieces of the damaged Colt and takes them back to the Bunker where it's is shown that the heat has deformed parts of the gun's mechanisms. Sam promises to attempt to repair the legendary gun, but he is unsure if he can.<ref>[[12.20 Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes]]</ref>
===Special Features===
'''Pentagram''': See [[Pentagram]]
'''Make and Model of The Colt''': The Colt has the appearance of an [ 1836 Colt Paterson Pietta Paterson Super Deluxe]. In reality, the [ Colt Paterson], which is the first Revolver ever built, is surprisingly difficult to load. It can be assumed that the gun itself was modified in [[3.04 Sin City]] when [[Bobby]] agreed to let [[Ruby]] restore its supernatural killing abilities which would explain how it can be easily reloaded without undergoing the painstakingly long process of deconstructing it's its barrel. See: ''[ History of the Colt Paterson].''
'''Bullets''': The 13 bullets made by Samuel Colt are engraved with numbers. Whenever The Colt fires a bullet, a cross within a circle along with a few vestiges of ancient scripture appear on the tip of it and burns orange-red right before it hits anything. It was first noticed in [[2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two]] when Dean uses the final original bullet in the chamber to kill [[Azazel]]. Whenever the Colt was used in [[Season 12]], the cross can be seen in [[12.14 The Raid]] when the [[Alpha Vampire]] was killed by Sam and [[12.17 The British Invasion]] when [[Eileen Leahy]] intended to shoot [[Dagon]], but hits [[Renny Rawlings]] when she teleports out of the way. The cross appears to resemble a [ Cross Potent], the [ Sun Cross], or a [ Ringed Cross].
'''Other Uses'''
* [[2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two]]: The Colt is used by [[Jake]] as a key to open the [[Devil's Gate in Wyoming]].
* [[3.04 Sin City]]: [[Ruby]] helps [[Bobby]] rebuild the Colt so it will use any ammunition. [[Sam]] then uses it to kill [[Father Gil]] and [[Casey]]. This also marks the first time the Colt bullets now give off an orange-red hue when they kill a demon much like the bullet's effects with [[Azazel]], but now it's is for every demon Sam and Dean use the Colt on.
* [[3.05 Bedtime Stories]]: Sam uses the Colt to kill a [[crossroads demon]].
* [[3.07 Fresh Blood]]: [[Dean]] shoots a [[vampire]] with it. This is the first time after Ruby helps Bobby make more bullets for the Colt, as well as the last time (so far), that we've seen the blue-colored hue being used after Dean kills the vampire. It can be suggested that the blue hue is only used against monsters now.
[[Sam]] was able to take [[Dean]] and Bobby to the library in the [[Campbell Compound]] to look through Samuel's lore books and find a way to kill [[Eve]]. Bobby was able to find out that the ashes of a [[phoenix]] can kill Eve and Dean recovers [[Samuel Colt's Journal]] and discovers that in March 5, 1861 the Colt was used to kill a [[phoenix]] in Sunrise, Wyoming. They were able to summon Castiel so they can travel back to 1861, but they only have 24 hours before he brings them back. [[Samuel Colt]] is retired from hunting, and completing the railway [[devil's trap]] to protect the [[Devil's Gate]]. Two [[demon|demons]] enter his home looking for the gun, and he shoots them with the Colt. When Sam arrives and asks for his assistance, he refuses, but eventually gives Sam the Colt. Dean uses the Colt to kill [[Elias Finch]] — the phoenix.
However, Dean drops the Colt just before he and Sam are transported back to the present day. It is possible that the Colt was retrieved by the saloon owner Elkins. In the present day, the Colt was originally in the possession of [[Daniel Elkins]] and its possible that the Elkins of 1861 was an ancestor who passed it down to him. It was stated in Colt's Journal that he knew the saloon keeper personally. Since there were two bullets left in the chamber at most after it was used to kill two demons and a phoenix, and the fact that Daniel Elkins was loading five bullets into the Colt when it was first introduced in [[1.20 Dead Man's Blood]], it's is implied that while Samuel Colt returned to Sunrise, Wyoming to retrieve the phoenix ashes, he also gave the Colt to the saloon keeper Elkins along with the special bullets with the hopes that it will eventually end up with Sam.
===[[12.12 Stuck in the Middle (With You)]]===

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