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===[[8.02 What's Up, Tiger Mommy?]]===
After being it is stolen from the bus station where it was kept, Sam and Dean track the tablet to a pawn shop where it was sold to [[Beau]]. The tablet is then sold at an auction run by the god of greed, [[Plutus]]. Sam, Dean, Kevin, and [[Linda Tran]] team up to recover it while Crowley and the angel [[Samandriel]] also try to get it. When the bid doesn't get high enough, Plutus tries to sell Kevin as well. Eventually Mrs. Tran bids her soul and the tablet is sold to her, Sam, and Dean. However, Crowley possesses Mrs. Tran and teams up with Beau to betray and kill Plutus. In the fight that follows, Crowley, who learns of Sam and Dean's plan to close the [[Gates of Hell]] forever, gets his hands on the tablet and escapes.
===[[8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin]]===

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