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Dean Winchester

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Season 12
[[12.3 The Foundry]] begins with [[Mary]] finding a case in Minnesota where people are found dead after reporting hearing a baby crying. [[Sam]] expresses concern over Mary's desire to get back into hunting but [[Dean]] is all for a "family hunting trip". Mary struggles with her lack of knowledge about the technological methods the boys use, and the aftereffects of the attack. While salting and burning what they think is the ghost's bones, Sam remains concerned about Mary but Dean still believes she's just "adjusting". They return to the room to find Mary gone and upon discovering she's returned to the house, they return to rescue her but she's been possessed by the actual ghost. The ghost tries to make her kill Dean but she resists it and releases him. Dean keeps the ghost occupied while Sam finds the bones and burns them, which releases Mary and the ghosts of all the children in the house. Back in the Bunker, Dean apologies for taking over her case, but becomes hurt and angry when Mary says she has to leave to have some time by herself.
In [[12.04 American Nightmare]] Dean, still upset about [[Mary]]'s departure, travels to Mason City, Iowa with [[Sam]] to investigate a person who died while being flayed by an invisible force and displaying signs of stigmata. As they discuss the victim, Olivia, with the priest who witnessed her death, Sam notices Dean is very short with him. They wonder if perhaps it was caused by a rogue angel, so Dean calls [[Cas]] to discuss the case. After hanging up with Cas, Dean texts Mary to check in on her and asks if he should still call her Mom. Sam returns and Dean briefs him on Cas' news - the gates of Heaven are still closed, so it can't be an angel, and that he and [[Crowley]] have teamed up to hunt for Lucifer, who has possessed the "Master of Butt-rock" [[Vince Vincente]], and teases Sam when defends Vince. They head to the morgue to examine Olivia's body where Dean is dismissive to the ME, and Sam calls him out for being cranky which Dean dismisses. Next they question Olivia's former employee and replacement, Beth, who's also a Wiccan. Dean believes she is responsible but Sam disagrees. A grocery delivery guy is killed in the same fashion, and Olivia's case files show a connection to the Petersons, a "real Old-Testament type" family. They question the family, and afterwards Sam once again questions Dean about Mary's departure and how he's dealing with it, which Dean again brushes off. Discussing the case, Sam believes their dead daughter, Magda's, ghost is responsible. Dean disagrees, believing Beth is the killer, and leaves to track her down leaving Sam at the farm. Dean questions Beth and determines she was not responsible for Olivia's death when he recieves a phone call from Sam, who tells him Magda was still alive before being attacked and disconnecting. Dean rushes back to the farm in time to save Sam, who was about to be poisoned by the Petersons. Afterwards, Dean receives a text from Mary where she apologizes for not getting back to him sooner, and says that she will *always* be "Mom".
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