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Dean Winchester

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Season 14
When they arrive, Jody welcomes Dean back and compliments Sam's beard, much to Dean's chagrin. She points out the crime scene on a map and they head out. They discover a clearing with vampire heads stuck on pikes, probably belonging to the bodies in Jody's morgue, and the clearing looks just like the one Dean saw when Cas touched the scar when suddenly they are attacked by the hooded figure with the spear. During the fight, the hood comes off and reveals someone that looks just like Kaia, who then turns and runs away with the spear. Dean finds her tracks but Sam stops him and tells him he believes the vamps were hunting her instead and were sent by Michael - Jody had tested the bodies and they didn't react to dead man's blood. Dean does not care and continues to follow the tracks, which leads them to a cabin. Dean sees [[Dark Kaia]] and knocks her out, but the spear is not in sight. He ties her to a chair and they begin questioning her. She explains her and Kaia were connected and her death was an accident - she meant to kill [[Claire]]. They ask her why she's here, she looks at Dean and says "because of him". Dean tells her he's not Michael anymore which she acknowledges, saying he's much weaker. Dean tells her she's still scared but she says she's not scared of him - she's scared of Michael's vampires which are hunting her. Jody wants to take her to the station for safety but Dean wants to "break her" so she will tell him where the spear is.
He kicks Kaia's chair against the wall and demands to know where the spear is. Dark Kaia refuses and accuses him of being no different from Michael - using threats and violence to get what he wants, recalling the incident from [[13.09 The Bad Place]] where Dean forces her into the [[Impala]] at gunpoint. She tells Dean his anger and impatience come from fear of Michael and tells them about her confrontation with Michael and how he tried to take the spear from her, knowing it was the one thing that could hurt him - then stabbing him with it. Michael's vampires arrive and burst into the cabin to take Kaia. Sam, Jody, and Dean try to fight the vampires but they are too strong. Dean shoots the leg out from under Kaia's chair to free her, she runs to get the spear and kills the vampires before disappearing again, taking it with her. In the Impala on the way back to the Bunker, Dean admits to Sam that his time with Michael was not a "blink" and he doesn't remember anything Michael did with him because he was drowning, fighting for air the whole time and trying to escape but he was not strong enough. He blames himself for everything Michael has done because he said "Yes".
In a return to the MOTW format, [[14.04 Mint Condition]] opens with Dean in his room watching 'All Saint's Day' and avoiding the mass of AU hunters in the [[Bunker]]. Sam comes to check on him and to tell him of a new case - a comic book store employee beaten up by a Panthero action figure. They head to the store where Dean nerds out over a life-sized talking 'David Yeager' ([[Hatchet Man]]) figure. Posing as insurance agents, they question the clerk [[Samantha Juarez]] regarding [[Stuart Blake]], the guy who was attacked by the action figure, and she directed them to Stuart's mom's house where he lives in the basement. They question Stuart about the attack and he claims he made it all up, then kicks them out when they question him further. Stuart's ex-girlfriend is Wiccan so they figure she might have cursed him. While waiting in the [[Impala]] for Stuart and his mom to leave so they can check the house for [[hex bags]], Dean asks [[Sam]] why he doesn't like Halloween, but before he can answer, Stuart's mom leaves and Sam comments that Stuart changed his story because of all the brutal comments on the video. Suddenly Stuart emerges from the house screaming for help and bleeding from multiple cuts. Dean runs inside to investigate and is attacked by a floating chainsaw which barely misses him, embedding in the wall next to him.
Stuart is in the hospital, his mom at his bedside talking to the boys and thanking them for saving his life. She says she needs to go home to get his favorite pillow but they convince her to stay until he wakes up. They leave the room to discuss the case in the hall where Dean reveals that he didn't find any hex bags but the EMF was going crazy, so must be a ghost. Sam suggests Dean stay to keep Stuart's mom from leaving so he can check the house. Stuart's friend [[Dirk Winchell]] arrives to check on Stuart, and he and Dean begin to bond over their love of the 'All Saint's Day' franchise of horror movies. Dean receives a call from Sam who's calling from the comic book shop where he and Samantha were just attacked by the Hatchet Man figure which has been possessed by the ghost of [[Jordan MacNeel]], the recently deceased owner of the shop - and the possessed figure is on his way to the hospital to finish off Stuart. Dean draws a salt circle around Stuart's bed while giving Dirk "the talk", explaining that Jordan is coming to kill Stuart. He tells Dirk to get inside, while he heads out to find Jordan/Hatchet Man. In Stuart's room, the lights begin to flash and drawers open and shut causing Dirk to panic and run. Dean finds an ax in a fire box - he starts to break the glass and then realizes he can just open the door to take it. Dirk rounds the corner to find Stuart's mom screaming as she's confronted by the Hatchet Man figure, and tells Jordan/Hatchet Man that he knows he's there to kill Stuart but he'll have to go through him first. Jordan/Hatchet Man starts coming for him and Dirk runs. He ends up in the morgue and meets Dean, when Jordan/Hatchet Man rises from one of the morgue gurneys. Dean approaches him with the ax and tries to talk him out of attacking, but he pushes the button - "Time to slice and dice" - and attacks Dean, who loses his ax in the fight. Just as Jordan is about to strike him with the ax, Dirk stabs Jordan with a knife. Jordan attacks Dirk, and Dean tries to attack Jordan but is captured, and Jordan starts to strangle him. Just then, Sam and Samantha burst in the door telling Dean to get the shop keys - they belonged to Jordan and it's how he's moving around. Dean fishes them out of Hatchet Man's pocket and tosses them to Sam, who places them in a bowl and sets them on fire, burning Jordan's ghost and saving Dean.
On the drive back, Dean thanks Sam for finding the case and getting him out of his post-Michael funk. Sam tells him he needs to stop hiding in his room, that the things Michael did are not on him, and Dean agrees to help out more. He asks Sam again why he hates Halloween and Sam finally tells him about an incident at a Halloween party when he was a kid. Dean tells him he needs to get over it and next year they're getting matching Halloween costumes ("Rocky and Bullwinkle", "Shaggy and Scooby").

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