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Dean Winchester

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Season 14
Back at the Bunker, Maggie is welcomed back and Dean tells Sam he was the one that did this, that he saved her and brought her home.
Later, Sam and Dean make calls to all the hunters they know to warn them about Michael's traps and super-charged monsters. Sam reiterates to Dean that none of this is his fault, that Michael used him and they will find him and kill him.
In [[14.06 Optimism]], Dean finds [[Jack]] in the kitchen adding a ton of sugar to his coffee. Dean comments on his sweet tooth and Jack explains that since he lost his [[Grace]], everything tastes different. Dean asks him where [[Sam]] is and Jack says he and [[Charlie Bradbury (Apocalypse World)]] went on a case while Dean was on a run to Bobby and Mary's place and it couldn't wait for his return. Dean comments that they just left Jack at the [[Bunker]] all alone, and Jack explains that Sam wanted someone there when Dean got back - Sam is, of course, worried about Dean, who is not surprised. Jack tells him that no one blames him for what happened with Michael but Dean still blames himself. Jack still has a cough and when Dean comments on it, Jack says maybe he's allergic to sitting around doing nothing. Dean asks him what he wants to do, and Jack says he wants to hunt - he's been on hunts with [[Castiel]], and while Cas says he's doing well, he's mostly an insurance policy on those cases and Sam is just trying to keep him safe - Sam's a smart guy (cut to Sam in the car with Charlie using a fidget spinner incorrectly). Jack shows Dean a possible case in McCook, Nebraska where Winston Mathers was found dead with human bite marks present, and others have gone missing as well. Dean says Sam isn't going to like Jack going on a hunt, but Jack counters that Sam isn't there and that since all hunters have to have partners, Jack could be Dean's on this hunt - Jack feels a desperate need to do something since he had the opportunity to kill Michael and didn't. Dean reluctantly agrees and calls Sam to let him know. Their first stop in McCook is Winston's favorite restaurant, Dick's Red Rooster Diner (as stated in his obituary), and they question the waitress who gives them attitude until Dean slips her some money, where she reveals he was courting [[Harper Sayles]]. The interview several other people as well, who all state how sweet and popular she is but also how much bad luck she's had in both love and life. Dean congratulates Jack on finding a case and treats him to some pie. Jack asks Dean about "courting" and Dean says he'll give him "the talk" later, but now they have to find Harper. Jack wonders if maybe she's not human, and Dean says that's what they're going to find out. When Jack asks how Dean asks him if he's ever read a romance novel.
Cut to the library where Harper works. Dean enters and begins questioning her brusquely and making her uncomfortable. Jack enters and interrupts them by asking for a book about the area's history, and when "bad cop" Dean protests, "good cop" Jack tells him she doesn't appear to want to talk to him and he can't make her without arresting her. Dean tells him to back off which Jack counters with "No, YOU back off... OLD MAN." Dean visibly reacts to the term (out of his "bad cop" character), claims "This isn't over" and leaves - giving Jack a bit of a dirty look as he does. Harper is impressed and grateful to Jack for intervening and that she has the perfect book for him - at her apartment. As Dean watches from the [[Impala]] and muttering "old man my ass", he watches as Harper and Jack exit the library and are accosted by another library employee, Miles, who jealously questions her about taking a stranger to her apartment. Harper and Jack leave anyway, and Dean starts to follows Miles, who heads around the back of the library to dump trash. As Dean is rounding the corner he hears a shout and trash cans thrown, but when he gets there he finds Miles lying on the ground, dead.
Dean texts Jack and tells him to call him. Jack excuses himself to use the bathroom and calls him, He explains that Harper passed all the tests so is not a monster, and he's 99% sure she's in love with him. Dean tells him that's not how it works and he's sure she's not in love with him, but Jack counters that if she actually is, he needs to know all about sex, GO. Dean tells him Miles is dead and they have bigger things to worry about, that something is stalking Harper or those around her... and the line goes dead as Dean is attacked. Jack exits the bathroom where Harper apologizes for being so intense and asks if they should go get coffee... when Dean bursts through the door. He and Jack explain that they're there to save her. Harper asks what they're going to save her from when something starts bashing at her door, growling. Dean sees a picture of Harper's boyfriend and recognizes him as the thing that attacked him - her boyfriend [[Vance]] is a zombie. Vance bashes through the door and Dean fights him allowing Jack and Harper to escape. Suddenly Vance stops fighting Dean, stands with a blank look on his face, and runs out the door. Dean follows him to the library, where Harper has let him in and revealed she is a necromancer who killed Vance to keep him from leaving her for college and turned him into a zombie... and he needs to kill Jack to maintain his body. Dean sneaks in, finds Jack, and tells him that the only way to kill a zombie is to drive them back to their grave and use a silver stake to keep them there. Working together, they trap Vance using silver handcuffs but Harper escapes.
Back in the Bunker, Dean and Jack are discussing the case. Jack asks him that since Vance is back in his grave, he can't hurt anyone, and Dean says the stake through the heart will keep him there. Jack then asks, "So that's... love?" Dean laughs and says that love can actually get crazier than that, and with Harper still out there it might get crazy yet. He then tells Jack he did good, which Jack uses as evidence that he should be able to go on hunts. Dean tells him it's not about being right, that he'll make mistakes but it's how he handles himself after making them and learning from them. Jack responds "and not beating yourself up about them." Dean smiles and agrees, and says he'll talk to Sam when he returns... but Jack starts coughing violently and collapses on the floor bleeding from his nose and mouth while Dean looks on helplessly.
[[14.07 Unhuman Nature]] picks up with Dean and [[Sam]] waiting in the hall outside [[Jack]]'s room while [[Castiel]] attempts to heal him. Cas tells them he did what he could but he doesn't know what's wrong with him. They hear Jack fall from his bed and rush in, finding him on the ground and foaming at the mouth. They rush him to the hospital where they begin to treat him, as Sam, Cas, and Dean look on, worried. The doctor emerges and tells them that all of the tests they've run on Jack have come back negative but his body is in systemic failure and they don't know why - they need to run more tests. Dean, talking to Sam, wonders how many more tests they can run, and Sam believes there isn't anything else the hospital can do for him - they've never seen anything like Jack and they obviously can't tell them what he really is. Dean suggests taking him home and finding another way to treat him - like calling [[Rowena]] - and Sam says he's already called her. They put Cas' trenchcoat on Jack and, telling the doctors they're going to get a second opinion, they take him back to the [[Bunker]].
After much convincing from Sam, Rowena attempts to cure Jack while Dean, Sam, and Cas wait in the hall. She tells them because he's a [[Nephilim]], his [[Grace]] is what holds his human and angel sides in balance and without it, his cells are destroying themselves. Cas offers his grace but because Jack is part archangel, Cas' grace isn't strong enough. While Rowena is explaining this, Dean's vision begins to blur and the voices echo, but only for a moment. He recovers in time to hear Rowena say Jack's condition will be the end of him.
Dean brings Jack some milk and a sandwich and finds Jack packing - since he's dying, he wants to experience life before it's over, and he doesn't want to waste time arguing since he knows Dean will disagree. Dean asks "Did I say I disagree?".
Dean walks into the Library where Sam, Rowena, and Cas are attempting to find something to help Jack. Cas has found books on archangels but nothing about nephilim, Rowena has talked to "the greatest minds in witchcraft" but they don't have anything either - to which Dean quips "well then they're not the greatest minds, are they?". Sam says he talked to [[Ketch]] who has a line on a shaman, [[Sergei]], but as Sam starts to explain, Dean's vision and hearing begins to blur and echo again briefly. Sam says he has the location of the shaman and Cas offers to go talk to him, as Jack enters the room, packed and ready to go, and tells them they're heading out. Dean tells them they're "taking Baby out for some exercise" as he and Jack leave.
Their first stop is a burger place and as they're leaving, Dean tosses the keys to Jack and tells him he's going to drive. When Jack says he doesn't drive, Dean says "Now you do." Dean patiently teaches Jack how to drive Baby, and as Jack gets more comfortable, turns on the tunes. Dean asks him how he feels and Jack says "It's like I'm you!" to which Dean responds, "No, you're not!" Jack exclaims that it's the best day ever and Dean laughs as Jack speeds down the road.
They stop on the side of the road to eat the burgers, and Dean asks him what he wants to do next, suggesting a nearby bar with little class but high hookup potential - but Jack has a different idea - fishing. Sitting by a creek, Jack said he wanted to do this because Dean had once said he and his father did the exact same thing and it was one of his happiest memories. Dean claimed he never said that but Jack told him it was the way he said it - he could tell. He goes on to say that the stuff he'll miss isn't going places like Tahiti or the Taj Majal, but the time he'll miss spending more time with Dean, that's it's time together that matters. Dean is visibly choked up, as Jack says "I've had a good life, Dean."
Back at the Bunker, Cas has returned from the shaman with a spell and a portion of archangel grace. Rowena begins to perform the spell as Dean, Sam, and Cas observe. As Jack ingests the grace, Rowena recites the spell. Jack's eyes flare, he stands... then suddenly collapses. While Rowena works on him, Dean laments taking him out but Sam and Cas disagree, saying the trip with Dean made him happy, that he did more for him that either him or Sam. Rowena approaches and Dean asks her what they can do, and Rowena tells them they can watch over him and stay by his side... as he dies.
[[14.08 Byzantium]] picks up immediately afterward, as Dean, [[Sam]], and [[Cas]] stand at [[Jack]]'s bedside. Jack asks them not to be sad, that maybe this is how things are supposed to be. Dean angrily disagrees, saying this isn't a part of some damned plan and stalks out of the room. He paces the hallway and punches the wall. Cas joins him in the hallway to check on him. Dean tells him he can't go back in, but Cas tells him that Jack needs him. Dean goes back in the room but it's too late - Jack is gone. The three stand in the hallway and talk about next steps. Dean suggests a wake and a bonfire, hunter style - it's what Jack would want. Sam turns quickly and walks away, Cas starts to follow him and Dean stops him, saying he needs space and they're going to give it to him. Dean goes to the kitchen to call [[Mary]] to tell her about Jack but gets her voicemail, so he leaves a message, asking her to call back and that it would be nice to talk to her. He finds Cas and asks him if he's seen Sam - Cas had just watched him leave the [[Bunker]]. In Cas' car on their way to find Sam, Dean asks Cas why he let him leave. Cas says he told him to give Sam space but of course, Dean meant there in the Bunker, not actually leaving. They find Sam sitting by the [[Impala]] next to a grove of trees. Dean rushes to him demanding to know if he made a deal, and Sam, confused, said he was trying to build a pyre but the ax broke while he was cutting down a tree. He is upset because he couldn't even do that for him, that he should have tried harder to save him. Dean tells him that at least he was there for him. Cas says Jack's death doesn't feel right - that Jack shouldn't have been taken before him. Sam asks what they should do, and Dean says "Say goodbye.. tomorrow. Tonight, we get loaded." Back at the Bunker, they drink, talk, laugh and share memories... and eat nougat candy bars.
Dean wakes the next morning after having passed out on the table and hears voices from the Library. He staggers out where Sam and Cas are talking to [[Lily Sunder]], who has aged significantly after giving up using angel magic. Dean asks what she's doing there and Sam tells him he called her - she knows more about angels than anyone, and maybe can read [[Donatello]]'s notes from the Angel Tablet. She looks at his notes and unfortunately can't read them, but offers to use her angel magic instead, since it draws power from the soul, it can be used to save him and keep him alive. Dean disagrees with the plan but Lily explains that it will only use a very small portion of his soul. Dean asks what the point is, Jack is already dead and his soul is gone, but Cas believes that if his soul is in [[Heaven]] he can pull it back to his body long enough for Lilly to teach Jack to use her magic to stay alive - but only in trade for their help to get her soul into Heaven. After killing as many angels as she did, she's pretty sure her soul is not welcome there. Sam, Dean, and Cas discuss her offer, and how to get her soul to Heaven. Dean suggests maybe [[Billie]]/[[Death]] or [[Reapers]] could help but Cas says they aren't the ones who weigh souls - [[Anubis]], the Egyptian Guardian of the Dead was appointed to the job after God left. Dean and Sam prepare to summon Anubis, but Dean still against using Jack's soul and doesn't trust Lily. Cas joins them, Dean asks him if he's found Jack's soul but Cas says [[Angel Radio]] is playing a distress signal - all the gates of Heaven are open and that means bad things are happening. Sam tells him to go and they'll pray for him when they're ready. Lily provides the instructions for her spell while Dean paints the summoning circle. When he's done he apologizes to Lily but wants to know why she stopped using her magic - why she's letting herself die and risk going to [[Hell]]. She explains that when [[Ishim]] took her daughter, she swore she would kill him even if it took her entire soul, but it didn't. She still has a tiny piece left - and her daughter is in Heaven.
Dean and Sam begin the summoning. Anubis appears and recognizes them, saying he's seen their files. Sam says they've never met although they've died - many times. Anubis says he's a "back of the house" guy, that Death and the Reapers get all the face time. He asks them what they want, and Lilly asks him to weigh her soul so she knows where she's going. Anubis reluctantly agrees and produces an abacus with white and black beads. He takes Lily's hand and places it above the abacus, where the beads move back and forth, finally stopping with more black beads than white - Lily's soul is going to Hell. Sam tells Anubis to change it, but he claims he can't. Dean tells him that he's not going anywhere then, and Sam explains they have bound him in a circle of palm oil. Anubis says he still doesn't have the power, that THEY are the only ones that can decide that, by their actions and decisions in life - and they can try to keep him there or kill him, but that won't change Lily's fate and may affect theirs. Sam breaks the circle and Anubis vanishes.
Sam asks Lily if she'll still do the spell, but she says that wasn't the deal and she has to go. Dean yells at her - "He's OUR KID!" - and accuses her of losing so much of her soul that she's not even human anymore - if she was, she wouldn't be able to stand someone else feeling the pain of losing a child as she did. Lily stops - and changes her mind, agreeing to help them. Jack's body is placed on the table in the Library, and Dean prays to Cas to let him know they're ready, as Lily begins the spell. Jack suddenly sits up, Sam hands him the spell and tells him to read it. When he's done, his eyes flare as his soul reenters his body. Dean asks him how he feels. Jack says he feels good and they both hug him. Dean turns to thank Lily, and discover she has died.
Later in the kitchen, Sam, Dean, Cas, and Jack are having burgers and beer. Dean tells him how glad they are to have him back, and now that they will soon know where [[Michael]] is, things are starting to look up.

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