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Dean Winchester

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Season 14
Later in the kitchen, Sam, Dean, Cas, and Jack are having burgers and beer. Dean tells him how glad they are to have him back, and now that they will soon know where [[Michael]] is, things are starting to look up.
It's Christmastime Christmas Eve in the midseason finale [[14.09 The Spear]], and thanks to [[Garth]] acting as a mole, the boys have a line on [[Michael]]'s location - Hitomi Plaza, a high-rise office building in Kansas City, Missouri. [[Sam]] is concerned over putting Garth in harm's way but Dean reminds him that they're finally a step ahead. [[Ketch]] calls and lets them know he's found the [[Hyperbolic Pulse Generator]] - the "egg"- but was attacked and forced to drop it... in the mail. Unfortunately, the post office is closed due to the Christmas Holiday and the package is stuck in Joplin, Missouri. Since the post office is closed, the opportunity exists to break in and pick it up. While discussing this, Garth calls to tell them that Michael sent some of his people find someone at an old recycling plant north of Omaha, to get a weapon - a spear. Also, he managed to overhear Michael's plan to attack and turn everyone in Kansas City - on Christmas Eve at midnight. With this news, they decide to divide and conquer - Sam and [[Jack]] to Joplin to get the egg, and Dean and [[Castiel]] to the recycling plant to find the [[Kaia's Spear]], then meet in Kansas City before midnight to stop the attack.
Dean and Cas arrive at the recycling plant, and Cas comments on Dean's recent upbeat mood - even being able to withstand the drive with a broken tape deck. Dean explains that he's fired up after getting Jack back, a no-strings-attached win. Cas reminds him that they have to deal with Michael now, and they're taking a big risk going after the Spear. Dean stops him and reminds him that Michael conned him and trapped him, drowning inside his own body. He didn't understand before what Cas and Sam went through when both were possessed by [[Lucifer]] but now he does, and he'll take it if they can trap him but won't be truly happy until he's dead - and if he kills him. Now that he has the chance to do that, he's good.
They make their way into the recycling building and find remnants of [[Dark Kaia]] camp - a sleeping area and a recently warmed food - but no sign of her. Cas wonders why Michael's forces are not there since they had a head start and wonder if they've already captured her, but there's no sign of a struggle and she wouldn't have gone out without a fight. Dean tries to call Sam but there's no answer when Garth calls to tell him Michael left to back up his forces. Dean tells him they're not at the recycling plant and to call him if they hear anything else. They wonder if the recycling plant was a setup when Cas notices Kaia right behind them, the Spear pointed at the back of Dean's head. Kaia asks why they're here and what they want. Dean tells her she knows what they want, and when Kaia questions their ability to take it from her, Dean tells her they weren't planning to take it from her - they came to ask, turning to face her. Kaia says she will not give it up. Dean moves towards her, causing the Spear to push into his chest and tells her, in that case, to just kill him because the people he cares about, his family, that are in danger from Michael who tortured both of them are going to hurt and kill them, along with thousands of people in Kansas City and the only thing that can stop him is her Spear. Kaia backs the Spear away from his chest while he exhales in relief, and she asks what's in it for her. Cas asks what she wants, and she replies that she wants to go back to the Bad Place - her home. She escaped there originally to get away from the monsters, but here is no different because Michael's monsters won't stop hunting her. Dean agrees to help her, but she still thinks Jack has his powers and can open the rift - and Dean lies and says he still can. Kaia wants assurances but Cas says there aren't any, just as they have no proof she's not hiding something as well - and still believes that she's hiding something regarding her desperation to return. Kaia explains there are people she is bound to protect in the Bad Place - and hands the Spear to Dean telling him that if he doesn't return it she will hunt him down and kill him. Dean asks how he's supposed to find her, and she reminds him he did it before - do it again. Dean's phone rings - Sam - and Kaia disappears. He answers the phone, where Sam explains Michael got the drop on them at the post office, destroyed the egg, and kidnapped Jack. Dean asks Sam how he escaped and when Sam says Michael just knocked him out and doesn't know why he didn't kill him, Dean wonders if Michael is just playing them. Sam says he can't reach Garth and assumes Jack was taken to Kansas City, so he's headed there now. Dean tells Sam they have the Spear and will meet him there. Cas tells Sam not to go in alone and Sam assures them he won't.Dean and Cas arrive at Hitomi Plaza with the Spear to find that Sam had already rescued Jack from Michael and fought a Michael-controlled Garth, and as they lock him into the truck of the [[Impala]], Dean chastises Sam for not waiting for them. Sam explains that he had no choice, and is dismayed that Garth drank Michael's grace, thinking Michael might have used him as an unwitting "double agent" to figure out where they were and get the jump on them. Dean conjectures that if they kill Michael it will cure Garth, and Sam mentions that other hunters are on their way to take care of the city, in case they can't beat Michael in time. Dean brandishes the Spear and claims he would bet against them and awkwardly attempts to twirl the Spear. Cas heals Jack's injuries from the fight with Garth, and Dean asks Jack about Michael, who tells Dean Michael is upstairs waiting for them. Cas figures that since Michael's monsters are all over the city by now, if he was even the slightest bit concerned about them, he would have sent his monsters to stop them, and Sam reminds them that Michael didn't kill him when he had the chance, so they can assume he wanted them to come there. Cas also reminds them that Michael will surely sense his approach - so zero element of surprise, right into a trap by a full power archangel. "Impossible odds. Feels like home. Let's do it" Dean says, as Team Free Will 2.0 turn and march towards the battle with Michael.Michael senses Cas' presence as expected and leaves the room. While he's beating up on Cas, Sam, Dean, and Jack enter the room. Dean hides in a closet with the Spear and rushes him while he's subduing Sam and Jack. They fight, but Michael overpowers him and Dean loses the Spear but while Michael is gloating, Sam manages to get the Spear back to him and Dean slashes Michael's arm with it, then backs him up against the outer glass. Just as Dean was about to kill him with the Spear, his vision and hearing blur again as Michael's current vessel collapses to the floor. Dean (now Michael) breaks the Spear and turns to face Sam, Jack, and Cas. Dean is locked away and Michael has taken over again.

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