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* [[Dreamwalking]] - Djinn can dreamwalk and influence a person's fantasy world.
* Poisonous touch - Their poison causes hallucinations that the djinn can control,<ref name="two20"/> which in large doses can cause death.<ref name="six01"/> Depending on the type of djinn, these hallucinations can either be a person's greatest fantasy, or worst nightmare.
* Telephay [[Telepathy]] - Djinn can read a person's mind to learn their deepest desires or worst fears.<ref name="two20"/>
* [[Nightmare Creatures|Nightmare manifestations]] - Djinn's that have been enhanced by [[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Michael]] have the ability to see a person's nightmare, and make it manifest in the physical world, where it is under the djinn's control.
* Shapeshifting - Certain djinn can employ a form of shapeshifting where they are able to disguise their full body tattoos and appear more human.

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