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Dean Winchester

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* Dean consents to being [[Michael]]'s vessel in [[5.18 Point of No Return]]; as Michael begins to appear, Dean reneges and kills [[Zachariah]]. He tells Sam that he changed his mind because he didn't want to let him down. Their half-brother [[Adam Milligan]] is taken as the vessel instead.
* In [[13.23 Let the Good Times Roll]] Dean consents to being [[Apocalypse World]] [[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Michael]]'s vessel in order to battle Lucifer. He demands that he remain in control, but after Lucifer is killed, Michael reneges on their deal and takes over Dean's body. Michael represses suppresses Dean, but Dean fights back and Michael leaves him after about a month's time<ref>[[14.02 Gods and Monsters]]</ref>However Before leaving, however, he does something to Dean which enables him to remotely "see" what dean Dean does. This also provides a way for Michael to later re-occupy Dean <ref>[[14.09 The Spear]]</ref>. This time he creates an illusion in which Dean is happy ([[Rocky's Bar]]) to stop him fighting back. However Sam and Castiel enter Dean's subconscious, and help Dean repress and contain Michael within Dean's mind. <ref>[[14.10 Nihilism]]</ref>

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