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Angel Blade

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Armed with an angel blade taken from the Winchesters, [[Nick]] tortures and kills demons for information on the location of [[Abraxas]], killing one by stabbing her through the eye after she tells Nick that Abraxas was captured by [[Mary Winchester]].
During the confrontation with Abraxas, Nick arms himself with his angel blade, using it to break the [[devil's trap]] after the Winchesters arrive to stop him. After Abraxas is distracted by Dean's attempted [[exorcism]], Nick shoves Abraxas to the ground from behind and stabs Abraxas in the chest with his angel blade, killing the demon and avenging the murders of his family.
After killing Abraxas, Nick swings the angel blade at Mary, only to be shot in the leg by [[Donna Hanscum]], stopping the attack.

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