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Sam's Cell Phone

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9.17 Mother's Little Helper
*Sam calls Dean from the police station after finding out how many victims there are in the town. He comments on how long it takes Dean to answer and Dean just claims to be working. Sam fills him in on his current case. He believes people's souls are being taken. They discuss it and Sam asks for Dean's help, but Dean declines, saying he's close to finding Abaddon. Sam reluctantly forfeits and tells him to be safe. Dean hangs up.
*Sam is struggling with [[Sister Agnes]] in the basement of the church after trying to exorcise her. He pulls out his phone and plays a recorded exorcism. It falls to the floor in the struggle and Sister Agnes crawls over and smashes the phone before it completes.However, the distraction gives Sam the chance to stab her in the back with the [[demon-killing knife]].
====[[9.18 Meta Fiction]]====

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