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When Dean and Jack return, Jack tells Mia about his mother and asks that she shift so that he can see her. Meanwhile, Buddy has arrived and taken Dean’s form after knocking him unconscious. He incapacitates Jack too and removes his Dean skin. Buddy gives Mia an ultimatum: either she kills Dean and Jack or he will kill her. Sam’s arrival distracts Buddy and he changes plan to try and shoot Sam as he opens the door, but Jack uses his powers to deflect the bullet and slams Buddy into the well. Sam kills Buddy with a silver bullet and the Winchesters and Jack leave Mia who promises to clean up the mess.
[[File:ShifterEyes.png|thumb|right|350px|A shifter reveals itself to [[Maggie (Apocalypse World)|Maggie]].]]
===[[14.10 Nihilism]]===
A shapeshifter kills and replaces a [[hunter]] named Tiger and tricks [[Maggie (Apocalypse World)|Maggie]] and the other hunters into leading him to [[the Bunker]]. Once there, the shapeshifter purposefully fails to lock the main door and exposes himself to the hunters once the other [[monsters]] arrive. During the fight that follows, the shapeshifter disarms Maggie, but mainly watches the fight from the sidelines. Along with the other four monsters, he is disintegrated by Jack after Jack taps into the power of his [[soul]].
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==Shapeshifters in Lore==

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