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14.11 Damaged Goods

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Dean and Donna are having a burger together. Dean asks her about [[Jody]], the girls, and [[Doug Stover|Doug]], trying to avoid her questions. When he’s out of things to ask, Donna tells him that she knows all about his recent misadventures and Michael, telling him Sam informed her as he had everyone out looking for Dean. Dean looks annoyed, but Donna reasons that this situation must be hard. Before leaving, Dean thanks her for seeing him and hugs her tight. Then he drives to Donna’s cabin to meet Mary.
When he gets there, he hears shots being fired. It ends up being Mary, shooting at pumpkins. They hug and Mary proposes to have Sam come there, too, for a full family reunion. Dean declines, stating that he doesn’t want Sam there. When Mary asks him why, Dean ignores the question by claiming that he’s hungry and asks for “[[Food|Winchester Surprise]]”, a meal Mary used to cook for him and [[John]]. As Mary heads off to the store to buy the ingredients, Dean takes the duffel bag out of the [[Impala]]’s truck and goes to Donna's shed. Inside he gets a sudden vision of Michael trying to break out of the door in Dean’s mind. After regaining composure, Dean puts some music on and gets to work building something.
Meanwhile, Mary is leaving the grocery store. A man she knows, Joe, offers his help with the bags. Later, Nick gets to the store and asks Joe if he knows where Mary Winchester is. Joe says he doesn’t and, as soon as Nick drives off, he immediately warns Donna. While he’s still driving around, Nick is pulled over by a police car. Donna arrests Nick, but he manages to free himself and attacks Donna, knocking her out.
* [[Telekinesis]]
* [[Warding Sigils]]
* [[Winchester Surprise]]

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