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Mary Winchester

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===[[13.22 Exodus]]===
After being reunited with her sons, Mary is loading her gun as Castiel escorts Lucifer past her. Asking if she missed him, Mary swiftly punches Lucifer in the face. As Sam and Dean ask about finding Jack so they could all go home, Mary tells them she doesn't intend to go back, having fought with the refugees for nearly a year and doesn't want to abandon them. Sam however, comes up with an idea, to take the refugees with them to keep them safe while they figure a way to stop Michael.
After making it to Bobby's salvage yard, Sam, Dean and Mary pitch to the resistance leaders their plan to escape through a rift. Bobby soon reveals to them that Charlie and Ketch have been captured by an angels and are to be executed. Tracking them down to a Gas-N-Sip, Mary, Sam, Dean, Jack and Cas lead a rescue mission, bringing Charlie and Ketch back to Bobby's they learn that everyone has agreed to their plan, and will leave first thing in the morning.
Once arriving to the rift, Mary leads the refugees through to the other universe.
===[[13.23 Let the Good Times Roll]]===
Mary and Bobby walk through the woods, talking about Bobby's plans now that he and the refugees are seemingly stuck. Along the way, they come across the dead body of [[Maggie (Apocalypse World)|Maggie]] and call Sam and Dean.
At the Bunker, Mary and Bobby discuss what could have killed Maggie, with Mary suggesting that their are monsters in the world that aren't actually monsters. Suddenly, Jack and Lucifer enter the Bunker, a confused Mary asks what Jack is doing, but he assures her that Lucifer is there to help, telling her he is going to [[resurrect]] Maggie.
When Michael gains access to the Bunker, Dean tells Mary and Bobby to take Maggie out the back, and they will buy them some time.
===[[14.01 Stranger in a Strange Land]]===

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