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Trivia: Nick said that he doesn't know who he is if he's not Lucifer. That reminded me of Jeffery.
* During the scenes where he commits his murders, Nick takes no visible precautions to stop himself from leaving [[fingerprints]], even leaving the hammer which he has touched with his bare hand behind at [[Arty Nielson]]'s crime scene, which explains why his fingerprints could be used to identify him as the killer. The fact that they specifically identified Nick by name when Donna ran them suggests that Nick has some kind of criminal history that resulted in his fingerprints being on file, otherwise there would've been no reason for Donna to get a specific match on him.
* In [[14.12 Prophet and Loss]], its revealed that at least four different jurisdictions want to prosecute Nick for his crime spree. These presumably include Pike Creek, Delaware; Montauk, New York; and Grand Rapids, Michigan. Hibbing, Minnesota, may be another one, but Nick's crimes there only amounted to resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. Another possibility is the location where Nick killed the demon that led him to Mary Winchester at the beginning of [[14.11 Damaged Goods]].
* Nick also shares a similar mindset to [[Jeffrey]] from [[7.15 Repo Man]]. Both men became serial killers after being possessed, Jeffrey by a demon and Nick by a fallen archangel. They also share a similar desire to be possessed again as they loved the power they had and both had radically changed due to separation anxiety.

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