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Dean Winchester

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Season 12
Dean is working with Castiel to search for Sam in [[12.02 Mamma Mia]], and struggles with the return of his mother Mary. She overhears his conversation with Cas, and Dean tells her he's glad she's back but feels she needs time to adjust. Mary worries that Sam won't be able to forgive her for her deal with [[Azazel]]. Cas calls with a possible location for Sam and texts Dean the address. Mary insists on coming along and Dean argues against it, but loses and Mary joins him. In the car, Mary tells Dean about her time as a hunter, how she was good at it but also realized that all hunters end up dead. Dean tells her about how she died, how it caused John to become obsessed with hunting and raise him and Sam in the life, and how Sam wanted out, but when John went missing, they realized they only had each other. They arrive at the house and join Cas, and while searching the grounds Dean comes across a sigil and disappears. He reappears inside the house where Toni catches him and shoves him into the basement with Sam and threatens to torture him so that Sam will give up information on the American hunters. Mary appears and threatens Toni with a gun, tossing handcuff keys to Dean who releases himself and Sam. Mary and Toni fight but are interrupted by [[Mick Davies]], who apologizes for her behavior and states that the British Men of Letters want to work with them instead.
[[12.03 The Foundry]] begins with [[Mary]] finding a case in Minnesota where people are found dead after reporting hearing a baby crying. [[Sam]] expresses concern over Mary's desire to get back into hunting but [[Dean]] is all for a "family hunting trip". Mary struggles with her lack of knowledge about the technological methods the boys use, and the aftereffects of the attack. While salting and burning what they think is the ghost's bones, Sam remains concerned about Mary but Dean still believes she's just "adjusting". They return to the room to find Mary gone and upon discovering she's returned to the house, they return to rescue her but she's been possessed by the actual ghost. The ghost tries to make her kill Dean but she resists it and releases him. Dean keeps the ghost occupied while Sam finds the bones and burns them, which releases Mary and the ghosts of all the children in the house. Back in the Bunker, Dean apologies for taking over her case, but becomes hurt and angry when Mary says she has to leave to have some time by herself.
In [[12.04 American Nightmare]] Dean, still upset about [[Mary]]'s departure, travels with [[Sam]] to Mason City, Iowa, to investigate a person who died while being flayed by an invisible force and displaying signs of stigmata. As they discuss the victim, Olivia, with the priest who witnessed her death, Sam notices Dean is very short with him. They wonder if perhaps it was caused by a rogue angel, so Dean calls [[Cas]] to discuss the case. After hanging up with Cas, Dean texts Mary to check in on her and asks if he should still call her Mom. Sam returns and Dean briefs him on Cas' news -- the gates of Heaven are still closed, so it can't be an angel, and he and [[Crowley]] have teamed up to hunt for Lucifer, who has possessed the "Master of Butt-rock" [[Vince Vincente]]. Dean teases Sam when he defends Vince. They head to the morgue to examine Olivia's body, where Dean is dismissive to the medical examiner, and when Sam calls him out for being cranky. crank, Dean is dismissivedenies it. Next they They question Olivia's former employee and replacement, Beth, who's also a Wiccan. , which causes Dean believes to believe she is responsible, but Sam disagrees. A grocery delivery guy is killed in the same fashion, and Olivia's case files show a connection to the Petersons, a "real Old-Testament type" family. They question the family, and afterwards afterward, Sam once again questions Dean about Mary's departure and how he's dealing with it, which Dean again brushes off. Discussing the case, Sam believes the ghost of their dead daughter, [[Magda]], is responsible. Dean disagrees, believing Beth is the killer, and leaves to track her down , leaving Sam at the farm. Dean questions Beth and determines she was not responsible for Olivia's death when he . He receives a phone call from Sam, who tells him Magda is still alive before he is attacked and the phone disconnects. Dean rushes back to the farm in time to save Sam, who was about to be poisoned by the Petersons. AfterwardsAfterward, Dean receives a text from Mary where she apologizes for not getting back to him sooner, and says that she will ''always'' be "Mom".
[[12.05 The One You've Been Waiting For]] finds [[Sam]] and Dean in Columbus, Ohio, to investigate a case of two people falling victim to apparent spontaneous combustion. While investigating the shop where the deaths occurred, Dean finds a hidden room full of Nazi paraphrenaliaparaphernalia. Meanwhile, Sam hacks into the shop's computer and discovers the victims were meeting regarding an antique pocket watch, and that the store owner had a whole business catering to "Nazi nutjobs". He finds out that the pocket watch used to belong to Hitler's inner circle, and the boys presume the [[Thule]] are involved. They call [[Aaron Bass]] to see what the [[Judah Initiative]] knows about any local Thule activity. Aaron tells them they've all come back to Germany regarding a mission called "Das Blut" (The Blood). They ask him about the pocket watch but he doesn't know anything. When news of another spontaneous combustion death pops up, they head to the crime scene -- the apartment of a young woman who managed to escape. They leave the apartment in time to see a cop car driving off, with a woman in the back screaming for help. The follow the cop car to a parking garage where they rescue the woman, [[Ellie]], and tie up her captor for questioning. He is [[Christoph Nauhaus]], the son of [[Commandant Nauhaus]], a ranking officer in the Thule High Command. He explains how the soul of [[Hitler]] is trapped in the pocket watch "like a horcruxHorcrux", and the Thule plan to use it to resurrect Hitler, along with Ellie's blood, because she happens to be a direct descendant of Hitler -- "Das Blut". The boys convince Ellie to help them set a trap for the Thule, but while fighting Thule thugs, Ellie jumps out of the window and is captured by Nauhaus and Christoph. The boys head to a diner to research a tracking spell to find her, when Christoph arrives, having overheard their location while escaping execution. Christoph leads them to the location where the resurrection ritual is taking place. Handcuffing Christoph in the Impala, they plan their attack. Dean wants to use the [[Grenade Launcher]] but Sam refuses since they need to be stealthy; he promises Dean he'll be able to use it someday. The boys launch their attack but are captured and brought to the room where Hitler's soul has already been transferred into Nauhaus. Ellie is lying on a gurney, weak from blood loss. she staggers from the gurney, grabbing a gun and shooting one of Nauhaus/Hitler's flunkies. Dean uses the distraction to grab a gun and shoots the other flunkies, then shoots Hitler. They walk back to the Impala with Ellie, and Dean exclaims multiple times "I killed Hitler!". They release Christoph and take Ellie back to her apartment. Dean suggests heading for pie, since he deserves it after... killing Hitler!
In [[12.06 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox]], [[Sam]] and Dean are on their way home from a hunt in Brookings, Idaho, and stop by [[Jody Mill]]'s house in Sioux Falls to say hi to Claire and Alexfor a visit. The girls are out of town at a Radiohead concert but Jody invites them in for pizza. Dean , of course , informs Jody that he killed Hitler. While eating, Dean teases Jody about watching a rom-com movie, and Sam teases Dean about watching anime porn. Jody receives a phone call and gets up to answer it, but afterwards she walks by them without a word and heads for her bedroom, obviously upsetwhich leaves her obviously upset. The boys follow and ask her what's wrong, and she tells them a friend of hers died -- [[Asa Fox]] -- and they're having a wake tonight with a hunter's funeral the next day. The boys insist on going with her to support her, and also because they've never been to a hunter's gathering before. She tells them they'll have to get cleaned up before they spend five hours in a car together, as the gathering is in Manitoba, Canada. They arrive and meet Asa's mom [[LoraineLorraine Fox]] and express their condolences. Dean heads to the kitchen to find a beer and introduces himself to the group of hunters there, who are shocked to meet "THE Dean Winchester". A hunter, [[several hunters, amongst them [[Elvis Katz]], asks if Sam is there and when Dean confirms he is, he runs out to meet him. Another hunter, and [[Bucky Sims]], asks him if he knew Asa. Dean says he never met wanders into Asa's office where Sam finds him but heard . Sam talks about how people tell stories about how Asa took out five Wendigos in a nightthem, causing the room of hunters to cheer, as and when Dean has said the mentions they're "magic wordkinda legendary" and everyone has to drink. Later, Dean wanders into Sam says that Asawas too. Dean states that's office where how it usually goes for hunters, Sam finds him. questions it and Dean is impressed, holding an angel blade Asa had, and claims he was legit. Sam talks about how people tell stories about them, and when Dean mentions theyexplains that they're not in the "kinda legendarylive till you're 90, die in your sleep"business. Later, Sam says that Asa was too -- then a hunt goes bad most of the hunters have left and he dies strung up to only a treehandful remain. Dean says he died on the jobBucky begins telling a story about Asa and reveals Jody and Asa had a relationship, no better way to gowhen suddenly [[Mary]] arrives. Sam questions this, whereupon Dean explains that theyasks where she're not in the "live till yous been and she tells him she're 90, die in your sleep" business. Laters been using [[John]]'s journal to catch up on what she's missed, most of the hunters have left and only a handful remainthat it was something she had to do on her own. Bucky starts telling stories about Asa Dean is annoyed, believing she was ignoring his texts and reveals Jody and Asa had a relationshipleaves to get some air. Outside, when [[MaryBillie]] walks into appears, saying she's just finished reaping a soul from inside the roomhouse. The boys are surprised Dean runs to see her but introduce her to Jody, who freaks out and then, seeing the tension between them, leaves door to let them talkfind it locked. Dean asks where sheBillie says the house is on lockdown, so he can's been t get in and she tells no one inside can hear him she's . Dean makes a deal with Billie to get him inside, where he finds out Elvis has been all overpossessed by a demon. They fight, using [[John]]but when Dean starts to exorcise it, the demon snaps Elvis's journal to retrace neck and catch up on what she's missedleaves his body. The rest of the group joins him and works to trap the demon, but Dean says she could have asked them but she says discovers it was something she had to do on has possessed Jody and stops Mary from killing her own. Dean is annoyedThe demon gets Bucky to admit to killing Asa as the group, since she only texted them once a week but drove all taking turns with the way Latin, manages to Canada for Asaexorcise it. Afterward, Bucky explains he and leaves Asa were hunting the room to get some airdemon, [[Jael]]. Jody intercepts Asa wanted to chase him and mentions that it's odd he but didn't tell her about Mary's returnhave his angel blade, but understands why he's struggling with and Bucky when wanted to go back to get it , they fought and offers an ear if he needs itBucky pushed him, accidentally killing him. Dean thanks her accused him of stringing Asa up on the tree to try and heads outsideframe Jael for his death, which Bucky admitted. Suddenly [[Billie]] appears, saying sheThe next morning at Asa's just finished reaping a soul from inside the house. Dean runs to the door hunters funeral, Billie appears to find it locked. He bangs collect on the door but Billie says the house is on lockdown and no one can hear himdeal: Mary. She tells Mary she knows she's all alone - Which Dean makes a deal with Billie argues - and offers to take her back to get him insideHeaven. Mary turns down the "offer", where he finds out Elvis has been possessed by but when Sam asks if she's coming home, she tells them she needs just a demon. They fightlittle more time, but when and Dean starts offers to exorcise him, buy her breakfast with all the demon snaps Elvis's neck and then leaves his bodybacon. [[12. The rest of 07 Rock Never Dies]] begins with Dean sitting in [[the group joins him, then the lights go out. They light candles and make a devilBunker]]'s trap, but discover the demon has possessed Jody when she Library playing Words with Friends with [[Mary]]. [[Sam]] accuses Mary him of taking advantage of being the demon and tries to get Sam to kill herlack of technical skills when Mary plays a high point word against him. The demon taunts them all, revealing various secrets about them. She finally gets to Bucky and makes him admit to killing Asa, before the group, taking turns Sam asks how she's doing and Dean says she's "dealing" when [[Cas]] calls. Dean asks if he's still working with the Latin, manages to exorcise it. Bucky explains Asa was hunting the demon, [[JaelCrowley]], and Bucky tried to get him - "Unfortunately". Sam asks if there's any news on [[Lucifer]], Cas tells them to turn back to get check the angel bladenews which is flooded with news about [[Vince Vincente]] getting his band "Ladyheart" back together. Asa refused and Bucky pushed Dean wonders how Vince can be Lucifer since [[Rowena]] damaged him, causing him to hit his head on . Crowley explains it is unlikely a rock Ladyheart revival is happening without outside influence and killing himtells them to meet them in LA. Bucky strung him up on As the tree boys drive to try and frame Jael for his death. The next morning at Asa's hunters funeralLA, Dean is complaining to Sam about having to go, Billie appears again recalling the last time they were there hunting a vengeful spirit (from [[2.18 Hollywood Babylon]]). He realizes Sam has headphones in and says that Dean owes her one for getting asks him in the housewhat he's listening to, and wants repayment: Mary. She tells Mary shewhen Sam says it's offering her mercy since she's so alone. a history podcast and protests when Dean argues suggests letting him listen, Dean pulls out the headphones to discover Sam is listening to Ladyheart and teases him about it. Sam protests that sheit's not alone, actually research and Mary turns down Billiemakes Dean listen to it.They meet Cas and Crowley at Vince's "offer"hotel. Mary tells Crowley is certain Lucifer is still possessing Vince and, having acquired the boys she needs just a little more timekey suggests searching his room. They discover Vince/Lucifer has been reading rock star biographies as if he's researching how to become famous, and Dean offers Cas finds a bloody tooth. They hear a woman, [[Roseleen Greenfield]] has been admitted to buy the hospital after carving "Vince Vincente" onto her chest and question her, asking if Vince forced her breakfast with all to do it. She claims she did it to make him happy and tries to leave to get to a secret Ladyheart show. To discover where this secret show is, Sam and Dean arrange to meet with Vince's PR person but she refuses to tell them where it is. [[Tommy]] calls Cas after Lucifer kills [[Russell Lemmons]] letting them know where the show is. Sam and Dean clear the concert-goers from the baconvenue and fight Lucifer, draining him and causing his vessel to disintegrate. Lucifer leaves Vince, killing him.Outside the club, Dean thanks Cas and Crowley for fighting Lucifer before the show, and while they didn't catch Lucifer they saved the crowd so he's calling it a win. Sam disagrees, saying everyone who died that night, including Vince, is on them because they let Lucifer out and that he threatened to possess someone even bigger. Dean assures Sam they will stop Lucifer because that's what they do. [[Sam]] and Dean run into [[Castiel]] and [[Crowley]] posing as FBI agents while investigating the death of Wallace Parker in [[12.08 LOTUS]]. Parker, a powerful CEO, was obviously [[Lucifer]]'s latest vessel and wasn't able to hold him, and it's obvious that Lucifer is choosing powerful people to possess. Back at [[the Bunker]], Sam is researching people in power looking for Lucifer's next victim, he notices a picture of the Archbishop of St. Louis with Parker and wearing a large cross, but in a new picture, the cross is missing and all future public appearances have been canceled. They head to the Archdiocese to investigate where they find everyone has been killed except for one priest who tells them they realized the Archbishop was possessed and tried to exorcise him, which failed. Among the dead is the Archbishop, meaning Lucifer has moved on.Back at the Bunker, Dean powers down the wards to allow Crowley to report big news on Lucifer. Crowley had received intel that Lucifer's latest vessel was [[President Jefferson Rooney]]. They strategize how to get close enough to the President to exorcise Lucifer from him.Cas is suddenly overcome by a burst of activity on angel radio, saying a Nephilim has come into being but with much more power used to create than from a typical angel - Lucifer. Dean comments that he didn't know Lucifer was dating.On their way to Indianapolis to intercept the President at a fundraiser, Sam, Dean, and Cas are stopped by [[Rick Sanchez]] and the Secret Service who try to take them into custody. From behind, a black sedan stops and a man exits with a grenade launcher, destroying the government agent's vehicle and knocking them unconscious. Ketch tells Cas to wipe their memories and introduces himself - Arthur [[Ketch]], British Men of Letters. Dean, of course, doesn't trust him, so Ketch shows them the high-tech weapons he has, including the [[Hyperbolic Pulse Generator]]. Dean borrows the Pulse Generator, saying the BMoL have to trust them first. Crowley discovers Rooney/Lucifer's secret girlfriend - [[Kelly Kline]] - and teleports her to a hotel room where they convince her that Lucifer has possessed the President and have her call him to arrange a meeting. Rooney/Lucifer arrives and Sam uses the Pulse Generator to pull Lucifer from the President, while [[Rowena]] casts a spell to send him back to the Cage. Rooney collapses and is unharmed but while Sam and Dean attempt to revive him, they are taken into custody by Sanchez and the Secret Service for attempting to assassinate the President. [[12.09 First Blood]] opens with [[Sam]] and Dean being taken to a "black site" for questioning and imprisonment, and are placed into separate cells with no windows. When questioned, they say nothing so they are left in isolation, the only contact being meals served through a slot in the door. Dean finds a loose screw in his cot and uses it to mark the passing days. After about two months, the guard places a meal in Sam's door but he doesn't come to get it. Looking through the slot, he sees Sam unconscious on his cot. The guard opens the door and discovers Sam is dead. They open Dean's cell and finds him dead as well. In the morgue, Dean suddenly sits up, gasping and coughing. Sam is already up and asks Dean if he's good - "I've been better, but I've been worse." They hear footsteps approaching, Dean gets behind the door and grabs the coroner as he enters. Sam asks him where they are but the coroner doesn't know - he's blindfolded when he's brought in. Escaping outside, Dean uses the coroner's cell phone to call [[Castiel]]. Sam finds a map in a vehicle parked outside and discovers they're in the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, and ask Cas to pick them up. Ditching the cell phone, they head off into the forest. [[Rick Sanchez]] discovers they are missing and gathers troops to follow them into the forest.The troops catch up to Sam and Dean, but they manage to capture one, take his rifle and use his radio to threaten Sanchez - "We're not trapped out here with you, you're trapped out here with us." As darkness descends, Sam and Dean find an abandoned cabin. IN the cabin, Dean finds a bear trap, which he places in front of the cabin and covers with leaves. Sam lights a lamp, which draws Sanchez and the troops to the cabin. Sam, hiding under the floorboards, takes down several while outside, Dean takes down a few more. Then Sanchez steps in the bear trap where Dean captures him and Sam joins him. They explain that the President was possessed by Lucifer and they saved his life. Sam and Dean left Sanchez in the trap, warning him not to come looking for them. They find the freeway, where [[Mary]] and Cas are waiting for them, explaining they were able to find them with assistance of the BMoL. They leave in Mary's car, which suddenly loses power and stops. [[Billie]] is there, and Dean reveals that in order to escape the black site, Dean made a deal with Billie - they would get to die and come back one more time, but in exchange, at midnight a Winchester must die. Mary volunteers and draws her gun to shoot herself when Cas kills Billie with an angel blade. In [[12.10 Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets]], [[Sam]] and Dean are in [[the Bunker]] discussing the search for [[Kelly Kline]] and [[Mary]]'s return to hunting. Sam asks Dean if he's talked to [[Castiel]] but Dean is still angry with him for killing [[Billie]], not because Cas cares about them but because of the consequences of killing her. Cas, overhearing, says he will deal with any consequences should they occur, but for now he has to leave to assist an angel friend of his who called for help. Sam offers to go with him and Dean agrees, wishing to prevent Cas from "doing anything else stupid". In the [[Impala]] Cas and Dean are not talking but Sam finally gets Cas to talk about his friend, [[Benjamin]]. They arrive at the location and find Benjamin has been killed. Dean finds an angel blade but Cas says it's not Benjamin's which seems to indicate another angel attacked him. Cas hears a call over angel radio from another angel he served with, [[Ishim]]. They meet at a diner, Cas goes in alone where he also finds [[Mirabel]] there with Ishim. Dean gets tired of waiting outside for Cas so join him and the other angels in the diner, Sam following. Ishim sends Mirabel outside to look for any others.In the diner, Sam and Dean get annoyed with Ishim taunting Cas. Cas stops them from arguing as it's more important to figure out what happened to Benjamin. Ishim agrees but suggests going to his safehouse and goes outside to get Mirabel. Cas, Dean, and Sam follow Ishim out just in time to find Mirabel dead and Ishim fighting with [[Lily Sunder]]. Cas rushes to help Ishim and recognizes Lily. Dean and Sam draw their guns on her but she blinds them with a spell and gets away. At Ishim's safe house, Cas explains to Sam and Dean how they know Lily - a long time ago, they were sent to kill an angel and a Nephilim, who was Lily's daughter. She is using some sort of magic to stay alive and exact her revenge. Sam and Dean agree to talk to her since she doesn't want to hurt them. They find her, and Lily explains she wants revenge on Ishim because he was obsessed with her, so when she didn't return his affections, he killed her human daughter, claiming she was a Nephilim. Dean tries to call Cas to confirm but he's not answering, so returns to the safehouse while Sam stays with Lily.Back at the safehouse, Cas is greatly weakened by healing Ishim's wound from his fight with Lily. Dean finds him and tells him Lily's daughter was human and thinks Ishim is playing them. Ishim returns and when Cas confronts him, Ishim tries to turn Cas against Dean. Dean attacks Ishim who throws him against the wall, then begins to fight with Cas. Dean draws an angel banishing sigil and threatens to use it, but Ishim tells him that using it would probably kill Cas in his weakened state so Dean stops. Lily and Sam arrive, Sam rushing to Dean and Lily fights Ishim, finally using her power to hold him long enough for Cas to kill him. Cas apologizes to Lily and tells her that if she decides she can't forgive him, he'll be waiting. Back at the Bunker, Dean tells Cas he's not weak for being their friend and explains that he's not mad about him killing Billie, he's just worried about the consequences. Cas acknowledges his concern but still does not regret doing it even if it costs him his life. Dean then asks him about what he's going to do about Kelly and the Nephilim she's carrying, and Cas knows that while a Nephilim is dangerous, he's not sure he can kill her. Dean asks what they're going to do, and Cas suggests they drink and hope they can find a better way.
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