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Dean Winchester

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Outside the club, Dean thanks Cas and Crowley for fighting Lucifer before the show, and while they didn't catch Lucifer they saved the crowd so he's calling it a win. Sam disagrees, saying everyone who died that night, including Vince, is on them because they let Lucifer out and that he threatened to possess someone even bigger. Dean assures Sam they will stop Lucifer because that's what they do.
[[Sam]] and Dean run into [[Castiel]] and [[Crowley]] posing as FBI agents while investigating the death of Wallace Parker in [[12.08 LOTUS]]. Parker, a powerful CEO, was obviously [[Lucifer]]'s latest vessel and wasn't able to hold him, and it's obvious that Lucifer is choosing powerful people to possess. Back at [[the Bunker]], Sam is researching people in power looking for Lucifer's next victim. He notices a picture of the Archbishop of St. Louis with Parker. In the picture he is wearing a large cross, but in a new picture the cross is missing, and Sam discovers that all of his future public appearances have been canceled. They head to the Archdiocese to investigatinvestigate,e where they find everyone has been killed except for one priest who tells them they realized the Archbishop was possessed and tried to exorcise him, which failed. Among the dead is the Archbishop, meaning Lucifer has moved on.
Back at the Bunker, Dean powers down the wards to allow Crowley to report big news on Lucifer. Crowley had received intel that Lucifer's latest vessel is [[President Jefferson Rooney]]. They strategize how to get close enough to the President to exorcise Lucifer from him.
Cas is suddenly overcome by a burst of activity on angel radio, saying a Nephilim has come into being but with much more power used to create it than from a typical angel - Lucifer. Dean comments that he didn't know Lucifer was dating.

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