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Dean Winchester

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Season 12
Back at the safehouse, Cas is greatly weakened by healing Ishim's wound from his fight with Lily. Dean finds him and tells him Lily's daughter was human and that he thinks Ishim is playing them. Ishim returns and when Cas confronts him, Ishim tries to turn Cas against Dean. Dean attacks Ishim, who throws him against the wall, then begins to fight with Cas. Dean draws an angel banishing sigil and threatens to use it, but Ishim tells him that using it would probably kill Cas in his weakened state so Dean stops. Lily and Sam arrive; Sam rushes to Dean and Lily fights Ishim, finally using her power to hold him long enough for Cas to kill him. Cas apologizes to Lily and tells her that if she decides she can't forgive him, he'll be waiting.
Back at the Bunker, Dean tells Cas he's not weak for being their friend and explains that he's not mad about him killing Billie, he's just worried about the consequences. Cas acknowledges his concern but still does not regret doing it even if it costs him his life. Dean then asks him what he's going to do about Kelly and the Nephilim she's carrying. Cas says that while he knows a Nephilim is dangerous, he's not sure he can kill her. Dean asks what they're going to do, and Cas suggests they drink and hope they can find a better way.
[[12.11 Regarding Dean]] finds Dean chasing a man through a forest at night. Catching up to him, he confronts the man but is suddenly blasted by purple light and knocked out. He comes to the next morning in a park, having no idea where he is or how he got there. His phone is broken so he borrows one from a passing jogger and calls [[Sam]], who asks where he's been and where he's at. Dean notices a waffle house and tells Sam to meet him there.
Sam arrives at the restaurant and asks him what happened but Dean has no recollection of the previous night and assumes he blacked out. Sam, upon finding out Dean's phone is broken, says he'll text [[Castiel]] to let him know to contact him instead of Dean in case he gets a lead on [[Kelly Kline]]. Dean does not recognize Kelly's name until Sam reminds him she's carrying [[Lucifer]]'s baby. When Dean tries to get Sam to have some waffles, he tells Dean they have a case to work which he also doesn't recall. As they're leaving, a woman walks up to Dean, obviously recognizing him but he does not remember her, which earns him a slap on the face.
In the morgue, they review the autopsy report and discover one of the items removed from the victim is a hex bag, indicating a witch was involved. Returning to the [[Impala]], Dean first forgets which key to use, then forgets to put it in reverse, and even briefly forgets his name.
Back at the hotel, Dean claims to be okay but Sam wonders if he was hexed and starts quizzing him about the names of items in the room, which Dean falters on. Sam calls Rowena, who upon hearing about Dean's failing memory believes he may have been hit with a memory curse, and the cure requires killing the witch who cast it. Sam and Dean begin to retrace Dean's steps from the previous night in order to find the witch, which leads them to a glyph on a tree and the dead body of the man Dean was chasing the night before. Sam takes a picture of the body and the glyph and they return to the hotel room.
Rowena arrives and recognizes the witch and the glyph. While Sam leaves to confront the witches and retrieve the spell to cure him, and Rowena prepares to cast the spell, Dean looks in the bathroom mirror and tries to recite his and his family's names, but soon forgets even that.
When Sam is captured by the witches, Rowena and a now completely amnesiac Dean leave to rescue him. Dean wakes up alone in the car where Rowena has left notes directing him to grab the gun and witch-killing bullets, he enters the house and uses them to kill the witches. Using the witch's grimoire, Rowena reverses the memory spell and Dean's memory returns.
In the style of Quentin Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs", [[12.12 Stuck in the Middle (With You)]] begins with Dean, [[Sam]], [[Mary]], [[Castiel]] in a diner with another hunter [[Wally]], who has asked for help taking down a demon. During the attack, they discover the demon is more powerful than they were led to believe and has two other demons with him. The demon stabs Cas with a spear while Wally is killed by one of a second demon, and Dean kills a third threatening Sam. They call Mary and head to a barn where she has taken a now gravely-injured Cas. When they arrive, she tells them the demon had yellow eyes. Dean goes to Cas to ask him what happened, and Cas tells him about the spear and believes it may have been poisoned. Suddenly, [[Crowley]] appears telling them they're all going to die because they have taken on not just a demon but a [[Prince of Hell]], [[Ramiel]], and that Cas was stabbed by the [[Lance of Michael]] which kills angels slow and painful - and there is no cure. Dean tells Crowley to shut up and help them or leave, and Crowley disappears. Dean asks Cas how he's doing, and Cas pulls aside his shirt, showing the rot from the Lance's wound has spread. He tells them they should go and when Dean protests, Cas tells them they are his family, he loves them and begs them to not make him spend his last moments watching them die. Dean refuses, saying they don't leave family behind and that they'll stay and fight.
They prepare a trap made out of holy oil. When Ramiel enters the barn, they light the holy oil and demand a cure for Cas, he says there is no cure. He then accuses them of stealing from him, which Dean denies. Ramiel uses the Lance to blow out the holy fire and fights Sam and Dean. In the fight, Sam takes the Lance from Ramiel and kills him with it. As Cas' condition deteriorates, Crowley appears, grabs the Lance and breaks it in half, releasing the magic and curing Cas. He wonders what Ramiel meant by his accusation, but Dean dismisses it. Picking up the pieces of the Lance, he says "Let's go home."
In [[12.13 Family Feud]], Dean is on the phone with [[Castiel]] who reports no leads in finding [[Kelly Kline]]. [[Sam]] has found another case involving the murder of a teacher at a Des Moines museum and Dean calls [[Mary]] to see if she wants in on it. Mary begs off saying she's in a hotel in Newark recovering from the last case with [[Ramiel]].
On the way to Des Moines, Sam tells Dean of another teacher murdered in Andover, MA under similar circumstances to the one in Des Moines, and that it's too bad Mary didn't want to join. Dean feels there's something off about her but Sam disagrees. In Des Moines, they talk to the museum curator who explains there has been yet another murder. Dean asks if there have been any new exhibits and she takes them to the lab where a new exhibit has been uncrated. Dean checks the EMF meter which is off the charts, which leads them to believe it's a ghost. One of the exhibits in the lab are artifacts from a sunken ship called The Star, which Dean remembers was the ship [[Gavin MacLeod]] was supposed to die on. Dean calls [[Crowley]] to ask if he knows where Gavin is, but Crowley demands they find [[Kelly Kline]] first. They turn to [[Rowena]] asking for her help, telling her Gavin is her grandson.
They pick up Gavin at the bus terminal and ask him for information on The Star, introduce him to Rowena, and then take him to the museum lab. Gavin looks through the list of artifacts and discovers a locket belonging to his fiance [[Fiona Duncan]] is among the items, and they determine she must be the ghost, tethered to the locket - but when they look for it, the locket is missing. They talk to the curator who tells them another school group which had recently visited the lab. Sam, Dean, and Gavin head to the school in time to stop another teacher's murder, then have Gavin summon Fiona's ghost. After talking to her, Gavin tells Sam and Dean that she boarded the boat looking for him where she was abused, and their teacher who was also on the boat said she deserved it, hence her vendetta against teachers. They determine the only way to stop her was to send Gavin back to his time to protect Fiona and prevent her from becoming a vengeful spirit, which Gavin agrees to do. Back in the [[Bunker]], they use [[Henry Winchester]]'s time travel spell to send Gavin back to his time. Checking the news, all of the teachers who were previously murdered are alive. Mary returns and tells the boys she's been working with the British [[Men of Letters]].
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