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:''"I needed the truth, Sam. I needed revenge for my family. You would’ve done the same thing."''
Nick captures a demon who had been working with [[Abraxas]] before Abraxas was captured by a [[hunter]]. Having been led to the demon by a previous demon he had killed, Nick holds her within a [[devil's trap]] and tortures her using an [[angel blade]] that he took from the Bunker when he left. The demon offers to freely tell Nick what she knows about the hunter who is in Hibbing, Minnesota, having no reason to protect her, but Nick tortures the demon anyway, going so far as to take out her right eye with his angel blade. The demon identifies [[Mary Winchester]] as the hunter in question whom she had witnessed trap Abraxas in a box. Once the demon tells him all she knows, Nick kills her.
[[File:NickKillsAbraxas.png|350px|thumb|right|Nick gets his revenge on [[Abraxas]].]]
Now knowing where to look, Nick travels to Hibbing, where he stops at a grocery store for directions, unknowingly just missing Mary. Nick draws the clerk's suspicions, particularly with his aggressive questions, causing the clerk to lie to him and then call [[Sheriff Donna Hanscum]] to report the encounter once Nick is gone. That night, Nick is pulled over by Donna and handcuffed, Donna having discovered that he is driving a van reported stolen two weeks earlier in Missoula, Montana. Nick refuses to cooperate with Donna, who uses a mobile fingerprint scanner to run Nick's [[fingerprints]] in an effort to learn his true identity. As Donna is distracted running his fingerprints, Nick picks the lock on his handcuffs. From Nick's fingerprints, Donna learns of his identity and his being wanted for a murder spree, but Nick is able to subdue Donna with her taser. Nick learns of Mary's location at Donna's cabin from emails on Donna's cell phone and leaves the sheriff unconscious but otherwise unharmed in the driver's seat of her patrol car.
At [[Donna's cabin]], Nick kidnaps a surprised Mary and explains how he is looking for Abraxas, who murdered his family the same way he murdered the Girl Scout troop that Tonya Baker, whom Mary had rescued, belonged to. Mary tells Nick that she killed Abraxas, but he reveals that he knows she's lying as the demon that had escaped her witnessed Mary trapping Abraxas. Mary finally admits that she couldn't defeat Abraxas so she instead locked him in an [[Enochian puzzle box]]. Mary reluctantly agrees to lead Nick to her lock-up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where the puzzle box is stored, but she forces Nick to search through the lockers himself without telling him which one contains the box. After finding it, Mary reminds Nick that Abraxas will need a [[meatsuit]] that can't be either of them, so Nick kidnaps the security guard at the facility, Jeff. With Mary uncooperative, Nick tries to figure out how to open the puzzle box on his own, finally resorting to drilling into it which releases Abraxas in [[Demon Smoke|his smoke form]] and forces the demon, stuck within a [[devil's trap]], to take Jeff as his [[meatsuit]].
[[File:NickKillsAbraxas.png|350px|thumb|right|Nick gets his revenge on [[Abraxas]].]]
After Abraxas takes [[possession]] of Jeff, Nick demands answers from the demon, who doesn't realize who Nick is until Nick tells him that he is from Pike Creek, Delaware. Abraxas proves to be amused by Nick's questioning, the fact that Nick is no longer possessed by Lucifer, and that Lucifer is dead. Abraxas, holding a grudge of his own for Mary's trapping him, offers Nick answers if he kills Mary slow and bloody. As Nick moves to do so, he is interrupted by the Winchesters, who'd tracked Nick through his stolen van with Donna's help. Desperate to get answers, Nick uses his angel blade to break the devil's trap, releasing Abraxas, who immediately slams everyone to the floor with [[telekinesis]]. Turning to a shocked Nick, Abraxas reveals that he murdered Nick's family on Lucifer's orders and explains that Nick was chosen, but he was not special claiming they "threw a dart at the phone book" to choose who to target. As Dean begins an [[exorcism]] that Abraxas stops, Nick takes advantage of the distraction, shoves Abraxas to his knees from behind, and stabs the demon in the chest with his angel blade, killing Abraxas and finally avenging his family's deaths. With Abraxas dead, the Winchesters surround Nick, who tries to strike at Mary with his angel blade. However, Donna shoots Nick in the leg, allowing Mary to knock him unconscious.
===[[14.12 Prophet and Loss]]===
:''"He chose me, okay?"''
[[File:14x12 Nick Detained.png|thumb|right|350px|Nick detained in a hospital.]]
After being arrested, Nick is held in a hospital to heal from his gunshot wound to the leg. While there, he learns from the guarding police officer that he is wanted in four different jurisdictions. Nick claims that he was possessed by Satan, but is dismissed by the officer, who leaves to eat his meal.
[[File:14x12 Nick Detained.png|thumb|right|350px|Nick detained in a hospital.]]
As Nick sits in his bed praying to Lucifer, he is interrupted by the officer. Nick asks to be uncuffed to use the bathroom, asking for some dignity, which the officer reluctantly agrees to. Once uncuffed, Nick takes a bed pan and knocks the officer to the floor and proceeds to repeatedly stomp and kick his head until he is a bloody unconscious mess. Nick picks up the keys to his cuffs and unlocks them, grabs his bag of clothes, and limps out of the room.

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