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Death is one of the [[Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse]], referred to in the Book of Revelation as the Pale Horseman, he appears to be the most powerful and eldest of the four, older than [[Famine]], [[War]] and [[Pestilence]]. According to him, he is the only being in existence that will persist through the end of time. According to Death neither he nor [[God]] can remember which of them is older. Since [[Amara]], God's sister, claims that she doesn't know who Death is, and vice versa, it proves that God is older than the pale horseman.<ref name="eleven01">[[11.01 Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire]]</ref> Death also believes at the end of time, God himself will die, and he will then reap God.<ref name="five21">[[5.21 Two Minutes to Midnight]]</ref>
At some point in the past Death became imprisoned. He is released by [[Lucifer]] during the [[Apocalypse]], and finds himself forced to serve the fallen [[archangel]]'s wishes.<ref name="five10">[[5.10 Abandon All Hope...]]</ref><ref name="five21" /> Though he is often unseen, Death's actions and presence have far reaching effects. On Lucifer's orders, he resurrects the dead, causes biblical storms and massive hurricanes.<ref name="five19">[[5.19 Hammer of the Gods]]</ref><ref name="five15">[[5.15 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid]]</ref> Death is even ordered by Lucifer to destroy Chicago with a massive storm which will kill three million people.<ref name="five21" /> [[Dean]] encounters him in Chicago, and Death reveals that he does not serve Lucifer by choice, and is willing to give up his ring to see Lucifer re-imprisoned. He agrees not to destroy Chicago, saying he "likes their pizza."

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