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11.20 Don't Call Me Shurley

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'''Chuck:''' You know what humanity's greatest creation has been? Music. That and nacho cheese. Even I could have dreamt up that deliciousness. But music... is magic. A lot of remarkable music was created in this space. B.G.'s Canteen. Now it's not as well known as the Bitter End or the Gaslight, but some amazing musicians got their start on this stage. I'm hoping that you and I can tap into some of that old magic and finish what I started a few months ago.
:''[ The Bitter End] and [ The Gaslight Cafe] are famous rock and folk venues in New York City. The name "BG's"is a shoutout to another legendary New Music club [ CBGB]. In [[10.09 The Things We Left Behind]] Dean talks about sneaking out and getting drunk at CBGB when he was a teenager.''
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