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14.09 The Spear (transcript)

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Vampire: Do you propose we wage a war on the humans? <br><br>
Michael Dean: There are ways to enhance your talents.<br><br>
Sam: [ Shooting enhanced warewolf werewolf ] Silver bullets aren't working! <br><br>
Dean: [ Dressed as Michael ] Sammy.<br><br>
Rowena: When Jack's grace was taken from him, his being fell into chaos. The cells are gobbling each other up. [ Scenes of Cas trying to heal Jack ]<br><br>
Castiel: Maybe we should start thinking about next steps. <br><br>
Dean: Wake and a bonfire, Hunter style.<br><br>
[ Scenes of Dark Kaia fighting enhanced warewolves werewolves from episode 3 ]<br><br>
Sam: Michael wants the spear because he knows it can hurt him.<br><br>
Dean: Where is it?! <br><br>
[ Music playing ] Ahhh-ahhh Ahhh-ah Rocking around the Christmas tree At the Christmas party hop. Mistletoe hung where you can see Ev'ry couple tries to stop. Rocking around the Christmas tree Let the Christmas spirit ring. [ Scene of a lady’s shoe and purse, party food and trash on the floor, panning view of office front desk ] Later we'll have some pumpkin pie And we'll do some caroling. You will get a sentimental feeling when you hear [ Glass shattering, woman screaming, bloody handprint and bloody carpet] Voices singing, "Let's be jolly" [ Bones crunch, thud ]<br><br>
Partygoer: Oh, my God, no! [Music in background ]"Deck the halls with boughs of holly." Please, no! [ Partygoer runs down bloody hallway to elevator, panicking and pushing the button ] Rocking around the Christmas tree Have a happy holiday. Everyone's dancing merrily In the new old-fashioned way <br><br>
[ Brett the vampire in Santa hat steps off elevator and starts to choke partygoer] <br><br>
[ Both look up to see mistletoe, bones crack ] [Brett throws partygoer and Santa hat down garbage chute ] [ Music ends ]<br><br>
Jack: You mean dying and coming back to life.<br><br>
Castiel: Yeah, we've all been through it. It's something of a rite of passage around here.<br><br>
Jack: That's not -- I've been thinking about Heaven. My mother. You think she's safe? <br><br>Castiel: Yeah, of course.<br><br>
Jack: But how could the Empty get in? And I thought Heaven was supposed to be perfect.<br><br>
Castiel: No. It's not. Nothing's perfect, Jack. But I know Naomi, and she's complicated, but there is nothing that she won't do to protect the souls that are in her charge. Try not to worry, okay? - Okay.<br><br>
Garth: Uh, yeah. Uh, we're supposed to drink blood mixed with Michael's grace.<br><br>
Sam: Garth, y-you can't do that. W-We don't know what that stuff does, you know? <br><br>
Garth: Look, Sam, I knew this was a risky one. Besides, I'll just pull the old fake-swallow- and-spit-it-out-later cough-syrup trick.<br><br>
Sam: What? <br><br>
Garth: Used to work on my mom.<br><br>
Melanie: [ Hands vial to a nervous Garth ] You have nothing to fear. Only about one in seven volunteers explode when they drink it. <br><br>
Garth: [ Chuckles ] Russian roulette odds. I like it. Well, Sailaja.<br><br>
Alternate Michael: All gone? [ All turn to look at Garth}]<br><br>
Garth: [ Visibly swallows ] [ Eyes flash blue and then wolfen ] All gone.<br><br>
Alternate Michael: [ Moves to sit at desk ] She's been seen taking shelter at an abandoned recycling facility outside Omaha.<br><br>
Alternate Michael: Send a team. Kill her and destroy the spear. I want it off the board before tomorrow night.<br><br>
Packmate: [ In background ] Damn. I wish we could sneak off to the gym. <br><br>
Alternate Michael: I can feel them drawing closer . <br><br>Garth: [ Absently } ] Yeah, bro.<br><br>
Alternate Michael: - each and every monster I've turned <br><br>
Packmate: It's different than when I went wolf. That was, like, white, hot energy, remember? <br><br>
Dean: And all on a night when nobody's guard's up -- all nogged up, waiting for Santa.<br><br>
- Merry freakin' Christmas.<br><br>
Sam: Yeah, well, Garth said Michael was gonna give the signal at midnight, so if we can get to him before he does -- <br><br>
Jack: Then we can stop this.<br><br>
Dean: And with the spear still in play, that can hurt Michael. Given as much trouble as he's gone through to find it, it might do worse. Could be a shot at actually killing the son of a bitch.<br><br>
[ Cas and Dean exit Baby ]<br><br>
Castiel: You seem good lately. Happy, even. [ Dean is getting gear from back seat ] You -- We have a broken tape deck, we drove this whole way without music, and you did not complain once.<br><br>
Dean:[ Closes car door ] You know, I guess I'm just fired up. I mean, look.<br><br>
We got -- We got Jack back. When was the last time we had a big, no-strings-attached win like that? <br><br>
Castiel: But now we have Michael.<br><br>
Sam: I know. Drive fast.<br><br>
[Interior office ] [Daytime ] [ Brett and Melanie bring in a bound Jack, Michael is waiting on the couch ]<br><br>
Jack: Why am I here? Why didn't you just kill me? <br><br>
Alternate Michael: In your present, powerless condition? Why would I bother? [ Gets up and walks to look out large windows ] Are you familiar with Kansas City -- the people, the terrain? Back in my world, I enlisted a garrison to invade it. We leveled it. Death from above. But there was human resistance. Things got messy. I'm trying something different this time -- an insurgency from within. My monster army turning every last man, woman, and child -- a wave of transformation. Vampires or werewolves -- it won't matter which. Everyone they turn will be mine. No muss, no fuss.<br><br>
Brett the vampire: You have your coordinates? <br><br>
Packmate: Uh, yes, sir. The Cathedral on Oak Street -- embed myself in the Christmas mass, wait for Michael's signal.<br><br>
Brett: All right. [ Standing in awkward silence ] You can go now. [Packmate gives awkward salute to Brett and leaves ]<br><br>
[ Brett turns and sees the nose of Sam’s Cougar nearby ] [ He looks around suspiciously and turns to go back into the building when Sam swiftly decapitates him ] [ Melanie enters the office reception area and notices the security camera screens] [We see decapitated Brett on the security camera ] [ Melanie runs quickly to the elevator and excitedly pushes the button ] [ Elevator door opens and we see Sam who decapitates Melanie ] [ Jack is still bound in the office as Sam enters the office with bloody machete drawn ]<br><br>
Sam: Yep. [ Notices Garth groaning and choking with his back turned ] [Jack approaches Garth] [ As Jack taps Garth’s shoulder Garth turns with glowing blue eyes and growls fiercely as he hits Jack, sending him spinning across the garage ]<br><br>
Sam: Jack!<br><br>
Garth: Oh, Sam. [ In a strained voice ] He's in my head. He won't stop. He won't let me stop. [ Growls and roars as he starts to transform into a warewolf werewolf ] <br><br>
Sam: Garth?<br><br>
Garth: I'm sorry. [ Snarls as he moves to attack Sam] <br><br>Sam: Hey, don't do this. [ Garth throws a punch at Sam but misses ] You don't have to do this. [Garth attacks again ] Garth. [ Garth is snarling and growling as Sam gets him in a headlock ] You can fight this. You can fight this one. [ Garth breaks free and flips Sam to the ground ] Ohh! <br><br>
[ Jack tackles Garth to the ground and Garth rolls to the top and tries to bite and claw Jack ] [ Sam grabs Garth in a headlock and starts to choke him out ]<br><br>
Sam: Sorry, Garth. [ Garth growls weakly ] I'm sorry.<br><br>
Sam: Walking right into a trap.<br><br>
Castiel: Which is set by a full-power archangel.<br><br>
Dean:[ Scoffs ] Impossible odds. Feels like home. Let's roll.<br><br>
[ Music swells as the group move in slow motion, weapons drawn towards the elevator ]<br><br>
[ Interior office ] [ Night ] [ Michael pours himself a drink ]<br><br>
Alternate Michael: Come on, fellas. You're gonna miss the show.<br><br>
[ Siren wailing in distance ] [ Horns honking in distance ] [ Alternate Michael sighs and sits in chair, fidgeting ] Mm. [ Alternate Michael closes her eyes and smiles as she feels Cas approaching ] There he is. [ Alternate Michael’s eyes flash blue as she turns to face the door ] [Alternate Michael moves from the office into the hallway and towards the elevators, looking ][ Singsong voice ] Castiel. You do realize I can feel you in here. There's really no need to be [ Castiel attacks from hiding ] coy.<br><br>
Castiel: Michael.<br><br>
Alternate Michael:[ Continuing to fight ] Tell me something, Cass. [ Has Cas pinned against the wall ] Why'd you come alone? Advance scout? Strongest player first? [ Throws Cas against the wall ] Not that strong. But, hey, if they want to miss all the festivities, well, then that's their loss. [ Punches Cas in the face with a cocktail ring on her hand ] But I got a schedule to keep. {[ Alternate Michael drags Cas into the office ] [Sam and Jack approach Alternate Michael from behind ] [Alternate Michael uses her powers to crush Sam and Jack ] [ Dean comes from the shadows with the spear pointed at Michael ] [ Dean swings at Michael several times but is blocked ]<br><br>
Alternate Michael: You got it.<br><br>
Dean: I sure did. [ continues swinging at Michael but misses ]<br><br>
Alternate Michael: [ Grabbing Dean by the throat and lifting him ] I'm so glad you could make it tonight. I know you hate me, Dean, but don't forget -- you let me in. [ Dean is released and drops to the floor ] And now you get to see it -- everything your mistake will make possible -- all the bloodshed, all the death -- all on you.<br><br>
Sam: Dean! [ Sam inched toward the spear and slides it to Dean ] [ Dean swings the spear and cuts Alternate Michael’s arm, releasing Jack and Sam from her crushing grasp ] <br><br>
Dean: [Angrily} ] Trust me. That's gonna leave a scar. [ Sam, Jack and Cas get to their feet ] [ Dean stands with the spear pointed at Alternate Michael’s throat ]<br><br>
Jack: Kill him! [ Dramatic music plays ] <br><br>
[ Dean’s vision becomes blurred, he experiences flashes of being possessed by Michael ]<br><br>

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