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Mary Winchester

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|name= Mary Sandra Winchester (née Campbell)
|actor= [[Samantha Smith]]<br>[[Amy Gumenick]] (Young Mary)
|dates= December 5, 1954 - November 2, 1983 (killed by [[Azazel]])<br>2016 - 2019 (killed by [[Jack Kline]])|location= [[Heaven]]<br>[[Lebanon, Kansas]] ([[Men of Letters Bunker|HQ]])|occupation= [[Hunters|Hunter]]<br>Housewife
|episodes= [[1.01 Pilot]]<br>[[1.09 Home]]<br>[[2.20 What Is and What Should Never Be]]<br>[[2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One]]<br>[[4.03 In the Beginning]]<br>[[4.21 When the Levee Breaks]]<br>[[5.13 The Song Remains the Same]]<br>[[5.16 Dark Side of the Moon]]<br>[[6.19 Mommy Dearest]] (as [[Eve]])<br>[[11.23 Alpha and Omega]]<br>[[12.01 Keep Calm and Carry On]]<br>[[12.02 Mamma Mia]]<br>[[12.03 The Foundry]]<br>[[12.06 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox]]<br>[[12.12 Stuck in the Middle (With You)]]<br>[[12.13 Family Feud]]<br>[[12.14 The Raid]]<br>[[12.17 The British Invasion]]<br>[[12.20 Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes]]<br>[[12.21 There's Something About Mary]]<br>[[12.22 Who We Are]]<br>[[12.23 All Along the Watchtower]]<br>[[13.01 Lost and Found]]<br>[[13.02 The Rising Son]]<br>[[13.09 The Bad Place]]<br>[[13.14 Good Intentions]]<br>[[13.20 Unfinished Business]]<br>[[13.21 Beat the Devil]]<br>[[13.22 Exodus]]<br>[[13.23 Let The Good Times Roll]]<br>[[14.01 Stranger in a Strange Land]]<br>[[14.02 Gods and Monsters]]<br>[[14.05 Nightmare Logic]]<br>[[14.11 Damaged Goods]]<br>[[14.13 Lebanon]]<br>[[14.17 Game Night]]<br>[[14.18 Absence]]
{{Quotation|title=|text= You know, we lost our mom once before. But we got a second chance with her. And we got to know her not just as "Mom," but... as someone who was tough and strong. Stubborn as Hell. Someone who had opinions and wasn't shy in using them. She could handle a machete. She could handle a vampire. She could handle our old man. She couldn't cook worth a damn. Mom, you weren't here long enough. But we're so glad for the time that we had. Goodbye, Mom.|author= [[Dean Winchester]]|source= [[14.19 Jack in the Box]]}} Born Mary Sandra Campbell, on December 5, 1954 to [[Samuel]] and [[Deanna Campbell]]. She kept extensive journals.<ref>[[The Journal (diary entries)]]</ref>. Mary as she traveled around with her family, learning the hunting trade until they ended up in Lawrence, Kansas.
On March 23, 1972 after seeing the film ''Slaughterhouse-Five'', Mary bumped into [[John Winchester]], knocking him down. While Mary was embarrassed, John simply laughed it off, and told her she could get him a cup coffee to make it up to him. The two would go to Mulroney's Diner and talk. When John asked for Mary's number, she gave it to him, despite knowing her father wouldn't approve.
In 1973 [[Azazel]] killed both her parents as well as John. Mary made a deal with the demon in order to resurrect himJohn. This involved her granting him access to her home ten years hence. On August 19, 1975 Mary and John eloped, in Reno. <ref>[[12.01 Keep Calm and Carry On]]</ref>Five years later Mary would give birth to [[Dean]] on January 24, 1979, with Sam following on May 2, 1983. Dean remembers her making tomato and rice soup for him when he was sick, and singing "Hey, Jude" to him as a lullaby.<ref>[[5.13 The Song Remains the Same]]</ref> Despite how John talked about Mary to Sam and Dean, there were indications that there their marriage was not entirely happy<ref>[[5.16 Dark Side of the Moon]]</ref>, and that [[Heaven]] may have been was involved in bringing them together, in order for Dean and Sam to be born, as a [[Cupid]] revealed to Sam and Dean that John and Mary couldn't stand each other initially until Heaven's intervention.<ref>[[5.14 My Bloody Valentine]]</ref> Unbeknownst to John, Mary did keep hunting after they were marriedcontinue to hunt, until at least a year after Dean was born , in order tie up a "loose end" before officially retiring from hunting.<ref>[[12.06 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox]]</ref>.
Six months after Sam's birth, [[Azazel]] visit visited Sam to feed him [[demon blood]]. When Mary tries tried to stop him, he kills her. She she was 29killed. An unknown uncle erected a headstone for her in Greenville, Illinois. Sam later learned that the uncle, along with many of Mary's other family and friends were killed by Azazel after her death .<ref>[[3.02 The Kids Are Alright]]</ref>
After the death of John, Sam and Dean would bury his dog tags at Mary's grave. 33 years later, as he was about to face [[Amara]], Dean told Sam that he wanted his ashes scattered at Mary's grave.<ref>[[11.23 Alpha and Omega]]</ref>
Mary was bought back to life in 2016 by Amara, in as a gesture of thanks to Dean.
===Middle Name===
===[[4.03 In the Beginning]]===
:''"I wanna get out. This job, this life, I hate it. I want a family, I wanna be safe. You know the worst thing I can think of? The very worst thing? Is for my children to be raised into this like I was. NoWell, I won't let it happen."''
[[Dean]] is transported back to 1973 and discovers (by noticing her [[Mary's Bracelet|charm bracelet]]) that Mary (nee Campbell) is a [[hunter]]. He soon finds out that her parents are too. Mary is very capable but ambivalent about the hunting life. She wants to leave it behind for a normal life with her boyfriend [[John Winchester]]. She tells Dean the worst thing she can think of is having her children raised to be hunters. After her parents and her boyfriend, John Winchester, are killed, Mary agrees to a [[deal]] with [[Azazel]] to revive John. The deal allows him to enter her home in ten years.
Mary is soon strapped to a chair in room, and has water thrown in her face, jostling her awake. She sees Ketch standing smugly before her, when she questions if Ketch is going to kill her, she is greeted by Lady Antonia Bevell who tells her she is too much of an asset to lose.
[[File:Ketch-Mary-Escape.jpg|left|thumb|350px|A brainwashed Mary betrays her sons.]]
===[[12.21 There's Something About Mary]]===
:''" Then you do it! Kill me. All my life all I ever had, other than my family, was my will. And it's going away. I'm... I'm putting people in danger. I'm putting my sons in danger. You... have to... please. For God's sake, kill me."''
A hunter named Rick enters his apartment, surprised to find Mary sitting in the living room, telling him she has a line on a vampire nest, asking him if he wants in on clearing it. He agrees to help, and as he goes to get a beer from the fridge, he notices Mary in the reflection of a pot sneaking up behind him with a knife. Rick attempts to defend himself, cutting Mary with a broken beer bottle, however trips on another bottle the floor and as he lay prone, Mary approaches him and slits his throat.
[[File:Ketch-Mary-Escape.jpg|left|thumb|350px|A brainwashed Mary betrays her sons.]]
The next day, Mary wakes up in a sterile octagonal room confused, she asks Lady Bevell if something happened the other night. Mary soon realizes that Lady Bevell has been brainwashing her and using her to eliminate hunters, angry Mary approaches Lady Bevell as if to strike her but is swiftly punched. As she sits, she starts nursing her wounded hand and begins to remember her fight with Rick. Sometime later, after a re-alignment session, Mary is dragged back to her room and placed on the cot, where she continues to remember Rick and the brainwashing.
When Mr. Ketch pays Mary a visit, she begins questioning what the British Men of Letters have been doing, only for Ketch tell her he will not intervene, as they have no relationship with each other. As Mary begins to cry, she leans up against Ketch and is able to steal his gun. Telling him she needs his help, she places the gun under her chin, but just as she fires, Ketch is able to knock the gun away. Mary drops to her knees and begins weeping, asking Ketch to just kill her, telling him she doesn't want to live without her family or her will. But Ketch simply tells her thing things will eventually get easier, and leaves Mary to her despair.
After Sam and Dean take out the British Men of Letters team, and take Ketch at gun point. Mary arrives in the Bunker pointing her gun, while Sam and Dean believe she is backing them up, Mary reveals her loyalty is to Ketch and fires a warning shot at Dean until they surrender. She leaves with Ketch, who has sealed the Bunker, leaving Sam, Dean and Lady Bevell to suffocate. On the drive back to the British Men of Letters Compound, Ketch assures her it will get easier, and she will soon forget about the people she loves. Telling him she feels fine as they drive off into the night.
===[[13.01 Lost and Found]]===
:''" So what now? You kill me?"''
After being rendered unconscious by [[Jack]], Dean has a dream of Mary confronting Lucifer, only for it to turn into a nightmare where Mary catches fire and is back on the ceiling of Sam's nursery, which jostles him to consciousness.
===[[14.01 Stranger in a Strange Land]]===
:''"I know. I know he's out there, scared and alone. I know. I know he might never come back. Never think I don't know that. But -- I can't -- I have to think about the good, Sam, because, if I don't, I will drown in the bad. For Dean's sake, I can't do that. We can't do that."''
Weeks It's been weeks since [[Dean]] was taken by [[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Michael]] and Mary is in [[the Bunker]] helping the [[Apocalypse World]] [[hunters]] when [[Sam]] arrives from his trip to Atlanta. Finding that his lead went nowhere, Mary assured assures Sam that something will break and tells Sam him to go lay down and rest.
After finding out that [[Castiel]] has been captured by a [[demon]] named [[Kipling]], Mary, Sam, [[Bobby Singer (Apocalypse World)|Bobby]], [[Jack]] , and [[Maggie (Apocalypse World)|Maggie]] head to Detroit to rescue him. On the drive there, Mary reveals to Sam that she too is scared that Dean may never come back, but tells him she can't think like that and has to hope that they will find him. When they arrive at the location, Sam gives Mary the [[demon-killing knife]] and pairs her with Bobby, telling the two to stay back. After Jack and Maggie are captured, Mary and Bobby bust through the front door of the bar and start shooting at the demons. As everyone is fighting, a demon starts to get the upper hand on Mary, but is quickly stabbed with an angel blade by Maggie. After Sam kills Kipling, the rest of the demons flee.
Back at the Bunker, Mary and Bobby share a beer in the kitchen.
===[[14.02 Gods and Monsters]]===
:''"She wasn’t lying about the slaughter happening here -- whole lot of dried blood on the floor."''
With a new lead that Michael was spotted in Duluth by [[Sister Jo]]; , Mary, Bobby , and Sam follow up reports on a mass grave where the bodies appeared to have been the victims of [[angel]] [[smiting]]. Arriving at the morgue, the three begin examining the bodies, quickly discovering that they are all [[vampires]]. They soon are led to a young women, [[Lydia Crawford]], who was the only surviving member of her nest that was killed. She is able to point them to an abandoned church where she and her nest were held and experimented on by Michael.
Arriving at the church, Mary spots dried blood on the floor, but no other trace of Michael. They are soon attacked by [[werewolves]]. Each person takes a werewolf, and they are forced to decapitate them when they show an immunity to [[silver]]. Questioning what just happened, the group is surprised by the sudden arrival of Dean , who reveals that Michael has left him.
===[[14.05 Nightmare Logic]]===
===[[14.13 Lebanon]]===
:''"And he won’t remember anything?"''
Soon after [[John]]'s arrival in 2019, Mary arrives at the Bunker to find John sitting in the kitchen with Sam and Dean and they have an emotional reunion. After learning that John's presence in 2019 has messed with the timeline, Sam breaks it to Mary that John has to be sent back to 2003. Mary prepares [[Winchester Surprise]] and for the first time ever, the family sits down and has a meal together, and are thankful that they were able to have this short time together.
When it is time for John to be sent back, Mary and John have their tearful goodbye before John looks to Sam and Dean and tells them he loves them. John takes Mary's hand one last time and tells Sam to destroy the [[Baozhu]] pearl, sending him back to 2003.
===[[14.17 Game Night]]===
:''"You need help, we'll help you. We're your family."''
[[File:Mary-Heaven.png|thumb|right|350px|[[Castiel]] confirms Mary's death by entering her personal [[Heaven]].]]
===[[14.18 Absence]]===
:''"No, I'm just saying... parenting is always a struggle. You always feel like you're failing, but then you look at them, and somehow they're amazing. And somehow, they're literally... the bravest... kindest... most heroic men on the planet. Kids. They'll always surprise you."''
Jack desperately tries to undo Mary's death, enlisting Rowena to use a [[resurrection]] [[spell]]. But due to there being no body left, and Jack's state of mind , Jack is only able to bring back an empty shell, unsuitable to hold a [[soul]]. In Castiel's mission to find Mary, he meets with [[Dumah]] at the [[playground]], where Dumah reveals to him that Mary died an instant painless death, and that she is in a special [[Heaven]] and complete. Wanting to confirm this himself, Castiel is granted access to Heaven and finds that Mary is happy with John. Accepting that their mother is gone, Sam and Dean, along with Castiel, give Mary a [[hunter's funeral pyre]]. As a tribute to her, Mary's initials are carved into the Bunker table alongside Sam and Dean's. ===[[14.19 Jack in the Box]]===A few days after Mary's death, the Winchesters and Castiel hold a hunter's memorial for Mary at [[the Bunker]], attended by many of the hunters Mary was close with. Also in attendance is a [[wraith]] from a nest Mary had hunted with [[Bobby Singer (Apocalypse World)|Bobby Singer]] the last time they worked together. After killing the wraith, Bobby guesses that the wraith had been present to gloat about Mary being dead. However, Castiel feels that Mary would've appreciated the fact that her hunter's memorial was complete with a monster, and Bobby agrees. Bobby subsequently becomes determined to hunt down and kill Jack for what he did, as does Dean. After Castiel tries to get to Jack in Heaven, Dumah threatens to end John and Mary's shared Heaven with a snap of her fingers if Castiel doesn't do as she says. In retaliation and to protect John and Mary, Castiel instantly kills Dumah with his [[angel blade]], ensuring their safety.
In Castiel's mission to find Mary, he met with ===[[Dumah14.20 Moriah]] at the [[playground]], where Dumah revealed ===While Dean still wants to him that kill Jack for Mary died an instant painless 's death, and that she is in Sam protests against it because they haven't tried to save him. Castiel attempts to find a special way to restore Jack's soul, but [[HeavenChuck]] and complete. Wanting to confirm this himselfclaims that souls are complicated, Castiel is granted access to Heaven and finds that Mary is happy with John. Accepting that their mother is goneeven for him, Sam and Dean along instead presents them with Castiel give Mary a [[hunter's funeral pyrethe Equalizer]]. As a tribute to her, Mary's initial's are carved into which is capable of killing anything at the cost of the Bunker table alongside Sam and Deanshooter'slife.
==Apocrypha==In [[Origins 4]], it is related that in February 1979Dean has an opportunity to kill Jack with the Equalizer, John and Mary go rafting in but ultimately can't bring himself to pull the Grand Canyon while on their honeymoontrigger. Their raft flipsChuck, who wants Jack dead, and John nearly drowns until tries to motivate Dean to kill Jack in exchange for bringing Mary saves himback to life, but he refuses. That night, [[Dean]] is conceived. This is obviously says that he misses Mary and will miss her for the rest of his life but acknowledges that she wouldn't want him to bring her back at odds with the canonical timeline which cost of killing Jack or himself. Sam realizes that Chuck has Dean born in January 24been manipulating the Winchesters' lives as part of some sick story, 1979including Mary's death.
==Trivia ==
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
[ Mary's nightgown is] pale pink not white.
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
In the comic [[Origins 4]], it is related that in February 1979, John and Mary go rafting in the Grand Canyon while on their honeymoon. Their raft flips, and John nearly drowns until Mary saves him. That night, [[Dean]] is conceived. This is obviously at odds with the canonical timeline which has Dean born in January 24, 1979.
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
Mary appears in a flashback in the ''Supernatural'' spin-off novel ''[[Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon]]'', where she and her parents first defeat a fire-[[demon]] known as the Heart of the Dragon in 1969. A teenager at this time, Mary flirts with a San Francisco hunter, and it is implied that they have had sex (The hunter was spared from going to Vietnam because of an injured foot, with Mary affirming to Samuel that the angle of the wound makes it impossible for it to have been self-inflicted). Reference is also made to her being friends with a local mechanic, who may or may not be [[John Winchester]].
==See also==
* [[Campbell (family)]]

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