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Mary Winchester

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14.19 Jack in the Box
===[[14.19 Jack in the Box]]===
:''"A hunter's memorial complete with monster. Mary would've appreciated that."''<br>''"Now that you mention it, yeah."''
A few days after Mary's death, the Winchesters and Castiel hold a hunter's memorial for Mary at [[the Bunker]], attended by many of the hunters Mary was close with. Also in attendance is a [[wraith]] from a nest Mary had hunted with [[Bobby Singer (Apocalypse World)|Bobby Singer]] the last time they worked together. After killing the wraith, Bobby guessed that the wraith had been present to gloat about Mary being dead. However, Castiel felt that Mary would've appreciated the fact that her hunter's memorial was complete with a monster which Bobby agreed with. Bobby subsequently became determined to hunt down and kill Jack for what he did as does Dean.

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