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|image= [[File:Cherub.png|350px]]
|powers and abilities= They can manipulate the mere nature of "love" itself.
|vulnerabilities= [[Angel blade]], [[angel sword]], [[holy fire]]
|appearance= Human
|episodes= [[5.14 My Bloody Valentine]]<br>[[8.23 Sacrifice]]<br>[[10.18 Book of the Damned]]<br>[[13.13 Devil's Bargain]]
===Powers and abilities===
* Invisibility - Cherubs can render themselves invisible to the naked eye by occupying space within [[the Veil]].* Invulnerability - As with all angels, a cherub's durability far exceeds that of humans.* Matchmaking - Cherubs can manipulate the mere nature of "love" itself, as they can bring the most opposite of humans together. This ability can manifest through the manipulation of events, causing two people to meet each other, or a simple touch. When a person is hit with "cupid's arrow", their hearts will become marked with [[Enochian]] script* Super strength - While a lower order of angels, a cherub's strength still far exceeds that of a typical human.* [[Teleportation]] - Like all angels, cherubs had the ability to teleport, which was removed after [[the Fall]].
* [[Angel blade]] / [[Angel sword|sword]] - Cherubs can be killed or injured by the weapons of Heaven.* [[Grace Extractor|Extracting grace]] - Like all angels, removal of a cherub's grace will render them human, with human weaknesses.* [[Holy oil]] - Can trap a cherub, as well as cause death upon contact.

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