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Powers and abilities
===Powers and abilities===
* Animal communication – A gorgon has the ability to communicate with and understand snakes.
* Paralyzing venom – With a simple kiss anywhere on an individual, (including angels, ) a gorgon is capable of paralyzing their prey. The numbing effect of the venom takes time, however, and a gorgon may start feeding before the venom has taken effect, causing their victims to feel everything.
* Precognition – By eating the eyes of a human, a gorgon gains foresight -- the ability to see their enemies coming before they arrive and to see the fates of those they look upon. However, their foresight is limited to humans and they cannot see angels even when they are standing right next to a human featured in one of their visions.
* Super strength – A gorgon is strong enough to fight evenly with and defeat angels.

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