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Nick lived in Pike Creek, Delaware, and was married to a woman named [[Sarah]]. Together, they had a son named Teddy. One night, Sarah and the baby were murdered by the demon [[Abraxas]] as they slept while Nick was out, drinking at the Elk's Lodge.<ref name="fourteen07">[[14.07 Unhuman Nature]]</ref> After their deaths the grief-stricken Nick still resided in the house, and kept some objects that were connected to Sarah and his son.<ref name="five01">[[5.01 Sympathy for the Devil]]</ref>
[[Lucifer]] chooses to use Nick as a so-called "Plan B" [[vessel]] when [[Sam]] refused to consent to him.<ref name="five01" /><ref name="five03">[[5.03 Free to Be You and Me]]</ref> However, because he isn't the "true" vessel, over time Nick’s body slowly became more and more degraded. The longer he continued to be occupied by Lucifer the more his body burned out, due to his [[meatsuit]]'s inability to contain Lucifer's essence. [[Castiel]] tells Sam that Nick would be drinking gallons of [[demon blood]] in order to continue to host Lucifer.<ref name="five21">[[5.21 Two Minutes to Midnight]]</ref> Nick is dispossessed when Lucifer gains consent from Sam, his body left behind in a an apartment in Detroit.<ref name="five22">[[5.22 Swan Song]]</ref>
Despite no longer using Nick as a vessel, Nick appeared to be Lucifer's favored form to manifest visually in.<ref name="eleven09">[[11.09 O Brother, Where Art Thou?]]</ref><ref name="eleven10">[[11.10 The Devil in the Details]]</ref><ref name="eleven18">[[11.18 Hell's Angel]]</ref> Additionally, when Lucifer was expelled from Castiel by [[the Darkness]], an image of Nick briefly overlaid Castiel.<ref name="eleven22">[[11.22 We Happy Few]]</ref> Several years after Lucifer first possessed Nick, It's later revealed that his body was found by [[Crowley]]'s demons, where it was after Lucifer dispossessed Nick. They repaired, improved, and warded so that Nick's body so it could be a suitable permanent vessel and prison for Lucifer.<ref name="twelve13">[[12.13 Family Feud]]</ref><ref name="fourteen01">[[14.01 Stranger in a Strange Land]]</ref> Following Lucifer's defeat,<ref name="twelve08">[[12.08 LOTUS]]</ref> he was returned to Nick's unconscious body when Crowley altered [[Rowena]]'s spell, causing Nick to once more become Lucifer's vessel.<ref name="twelve13" /> Nick remained Lucifer's permanent vessel for the next year and a half until Dean killed Lucifer with an [[archangel blade]] while powered and possessed by the [[Apocalypse World]] version of [[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Michael]].<ref name="thirteen23">[[13.23 Let the Good Times Roll]]</ref>
When Nick survived Lucifer's death, Sam theorized it was because the archangel blade was designed to kill the possessing [[archangel]] while leaving the vessel unharmed. Nick takes up residence in a makeshift bedroom in [[the Bunker]]'s dungeon to recuperate from his ordeal.<ref name="fourteen01" /> His subsequent aggressiveness and Lucifer-like mannerisms when angered caused Castiel to believe that Lucifer did more damage to Nick's psyche than had been previously realized.<ref name="fourteen02">[[14.02 Gods and Monsters]]</ref>
After getting his revenge upon Abraxas,<ref name="fourteen11">[[14.11 Damaged Goods]]</ref> Nick escaped police custody and began a search for Lucifer.<ref name="fourteen12">[[14.12 Prophet and Loss]]</ref> Working with [[demons]], Nick contacted Lucifer in [[the Empty]] and learned of a way to [[resurrection|resurrect him]]. Using Jack's blood, Nick succeeded in bringing Lucifer back from the Empty, but was foiled by Jack, who imprisoned Lucifer and killed Nick to stop him from trying again.<ref name="fourteen17">[[14.17 Game Night]]</ref> Because of his rampage, Nick's soul likely went to [[Hell]].
When Lucifer is resurrected by God, he returns in the form of Nick, although it appears that God gave Lucifer his own body instead of restoring Nick as his vessel. This resurrection is short-lived for Lucifer as he is killed once again by Michael and turns to ashes, leaving behind nothing of him.<ref name="fifteen19">[[15.19 Inherit the Earth]]</ref>
[[File:ComatoseNick.jpg|thumb|right|350px|A comatose Nick about to be re-possessed by [[Lucifer]].]]
===[[12.13 Family Feud]]===
A few years after Lucifer abandoned Nick's body as a vessel, [[Crowley]] revealed that he and his demons find him and found Nick's body following his dispossession. They have his body repaired and improved to act as a suitable permanent [[vessel]] for [[Lucifer]]. After Crowley corrupts [[Rowena]]'s [[spell]] to send Lucifer back to [[the Cage]], he is instead sent into Nick's unconscious body where Lucifer is restrained with chainsmade from the same material used to construct the Cage. Due to Crowley's improvements upon Nick's body, he shows no signs of degrading from the possession like he did previously or like Lucifer's other vessels aside from [[Castiel]] and [[President Jefferson Rooney]].
===[[12.15 Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell]]===
===[[12.23 All Along the Watchtower]]===
After inspecting the surveillance photos [[Sam]] had taken from [[Dr. Hess]] from the [[British Men of Letters]], Sam confirms to [[Dean]] and [[Mary]] that Lucifer is back and that he returned to , having recognized his old vessel.
===[[13.23 Let the Good Times Roll]]===
===[[14.18 Absence]]===
Looking for Jack, the Winchesters return to the cabin, where they find Nick's body and are horrified at what Jack did to him. Sam covers Nick's body with a blanket, but it is apparently otherwise left untouched at the cabin.
===[[15.13 Destiny's Child]]===
As [[Jack]]'s [[soul]] is restored, he remembers killing Nick amongst other things.
===[[15.19 Inherit the Earth]]===
When [[Lucifer]] is resurrected by [[God]], he returns in the form of Nick, although it appears that God gave Lucifer his own body in Nick's shape. Lucifer is subsequently killed by [[Michael]] with an [[archangel blade]] and blasts into ashes instead of leaving behind any form of remains as he did the first time including any blood on the blade.
* In [[14.12 Prophet and Loss]], its revealed that at least four different jurisdictions want to prosecute Nick for his crime spree. These presumably include Pike Creek, Delaware; Montauk, New York; and Grand Rapids, Michigan. Hibbing, Minnesota, may be another one, but Nick's crimes there only amounted to resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer. Another possibility is the location where Nick killed the demon that led him to Mary Winchester at the beginning of [[14.11 Damaged Goods]].
* In [[14.12 Prophet and Loss]], his full name can be seen on his hospital bracelet: Vaught, Nick. [[Nick Vaught]] is the name of a former PA and current writer's assistant and writer on ''Supernatural''. It has not been confirmed that this is Nick's real surname.
* In [[14.17 Game Night]], Nick states that he "carved up" and killed the cop from [[14.12 Prophet and Loss]]. However, he only brutally beat the man who was clearly still alive when Nick left him.
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