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The Colt

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Although not obvious to anyone not familiar with the Paterson model, "the Colt" does in fact, have a trigger. While the Colt Paterson Revolvers in general, as well as "the Colt" do not have trigger guards, the trigger for these revolvers are inset flush into base of the frame, and drop down automatically when the hammer is cocked. The trigger can be clearly seen behind Bobby's finger when he is test-firing it in the scene where Ruby first appears to help him modify it to restore its demon killing abilities. The trigger and the hammer can also be seen up close when Sam kills the Alpha Vampire with The Colt in [[12.14 The Raid]].
* [ In a 2019 interview with Collider], Eric Kripke revealed that the Colt's creation in the show was a reference to the Saint of Killer's guns that can kill anything from the ''Preacher'' comic book.
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