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The Colt

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There is speculation about what other powerful beings may not be killed by the Colt including:
* [[God]] / [[Chuck]] and [[The Darkness]] / [[Amara]] – Given their respective status' as the [[The Cosmic Balance|cosmic embodiment embodiments]] of light and darkness, it is likely they are invulnerable.
* [[Archangels]] – Lucifer is shown to be invulnerable to the Colt, but a head shot disorients him for a few seconds. This suggests that archangels are immune to the Colt's powers.
* [[Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse]] – [[Famine]], [[Pestilence]] and [[War]] were rendered powerless with the removal of their rings, so would possibly be vulnerable to the Colt. [[Death]] maintains its power even without its ring, and seems to be more powerful than the other Horsemen. Given Death's claim it would eventually reap God, it may be invulnerable to the Colt as it appears only [[Death's Scythe]] is capable of killing Death.

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