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Zao Shen

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|image= [[File:ZaoShen.jpg|350px]]
|name= Zao Shen
|actor= [ King Lau]
|dates= ???? - 2010 (killed by [[Dean Winchester]])
|occupation= [[Gods|Chinese kitchen god]]
Zao Shen is a Chinese [[:Category:Deities|god]]. He meets with a number of other gods to discuss the coming Judeo-Christian [[Apocalypse]].
Zao Shen appeared as a middle-aged man overweight Asian man.
===Powers and Abilities===
* Superhuman strength - Can easily overpower humans as shown when he overpowered a man for the other gods to kill and eat.
* Immortality
* Wooden stake
* Higher beings (e.g. [[Lucifer]])

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