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Canon Discrepancies

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Lucifer and the First Demons
In [[Casey]]'s conversation with [[Dean]] in [[3.04 Sin City]], he asks if [[Lucifer]] is real and she responds, "Well, no one's actually seen him, but they say that he made us ([[demons]]) into what we are, and they say that he'll return" (which would later be paralleled by [[God]]'s relationship with [[angels]]). Lucifer is revealed near the end of season four to have personally created [[Lilith]]. While Lilith conceivably could have been limited in her interactions with her fellow demons due to how deep she is said to have been trapped in [[Hell]] in [[4.22 Lucifer Rising]], Lucifer is then stated in [[season eight]] and [[season nine]] to have "hand-picked" the [[Knights of Hell]] and given [[Cain]] the [[Mark of Cain]], and in season tweleve to have also created the [[Princes of Hell]] -- one of whom, [[Azazel]], Casey served and spoke of in the same episode as though she were very familiar with him. Despite the number of demons directly created by Lucifer alive and active in the present day, Casey speaks of Lucifer as though she has no proof he exists and that she only believes in him out of faith. It can be assumed that Casey meant none of the demons like her have seen Lucifer themselves. Given what notorious liars even demons know demons are, it's possible that there were doubts among younger demons that older demons claiming to have been made by an angel were telling the truth.
[[Ruby]] also tells [[Sam]] that creating Lilith is what got Lucifer locked up in [[Lucifer's Cage|the Cage]] in the first place. Again, later seasons reveal that Lucifer is also responsible for the creation of Cain and the four Princes of Hell, which couldn't have happened if he was already caged for turning Lilith. While Cain only turned into a demon because of the Mark once he killed himself, which must have occurred only after Lucifer's imprisonment for creating the first demon Lilith, the Princes are clearly stated to have been turned by Lucifer himself shortly after Lilith. Additionally, Lucifer is attributed with at least choosing the Knights of Hell, if not actually creating them. It is possible that the creation of the Princes of Hell (and possibly the Knights) was not discovered until after Lucifer had already been imprisoned for Lilith's creation, and that Lucifer might have been able to communicate with Cain to choose Knights to be turned after his imprisonment as Azazel would later do in the 1970's, or [[Henry]] might have been misinformed in Lucifer's role in selecting them (as the [[Men of Letters]] were later proven to be mistaken on who had wiped the Knights out). In [[5.04 The End]], Lucifer tells Dean that Michael cast him into Hell, never mentioning the Cage. Another possibilities is Lucifer was cast into Hell, and only placed in the Cage after passing the Mark. It could also simply be that Ruby was exaggerating, lying, or misinformed.

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