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Powers and abilities
===Powers and abilities===
* Crossbreeding – Shifters are able to have children by impregnating human women.<ref>[[6.02 Two and a Half Men]]</ref><ref>[[10.06 Ask Jeeves]]</ref>
* [[Shapeshifting ]] – As their name suggests, shapeshifters can take on a living person’s physical appearance. Shifters can also take on a deceased or fictional person's physical appearance from pictures or from film. Shifters can perfectly copy a person from their fingerprints to their teeth<ref name="four05">[[4.05 Monster Movie]]</ref><ref>[[10.06 Ask Jeeves]]</ref> When a shifter changes into another person they will shed their skin, how fast a shifter changes can vary with some having been known to shift instantly, much like the [[Alpha Shapeshifter]].* Superhuman Super strength – A shapeshifter's strength can far exceed that of a humans, with shifters being able to easily overpower and even rip humans apart with their bare hands.
* [[Telepathy]] – As long as a shifter keeps their victim alive, they have access the thoughts of the person they are mimicking.<ref name="one06"/>

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