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* Ergokinesis – Due to Gabriel's grace, Asmodeus showed the ability to wield energy blasts.
* Invulnerability – Asmodeus was shown to be invulnerable to most standard attacks, as well having the ability to completely bypass the [[Men of Letters Bunker]]'s [[Warding Sigils|warding]].
* [[Shapeshifting ]] – Asmodeus was the only demon to show the ability to shapeshift due to his usage of archangel grace. A layer of white smoke would envelop his body, allowing him to take on the form of any person, demon, or angel.
* [[Mind control]] – Asmodeus was able to give humans directives against their will, as evidenced when he turned [[Donatello Redfield]] into a sleeper agent.
* [[Smiting]] – Due to the archangel grace, Asmodeus was able to turn people into dust with a gesture, as well as burn demons from the inside of their meatsuits.

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