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Angel Blade

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Angel blades are the primary choice of weapon for angels. The existence of the weapon is revealed when [[Uriel]] first attempts to kill [[Castiel]].<ref name="four16">[[4.16 On the Head of a Pin]]</ref> In subsequent episodes many [[angel]]s carry the blades, including [[Castiel]] himself.<ref name="five01">[[5.01 Sympathy for the Devil]]</ref> [[Demon]]s such as [[Meg]], [[Crowley]] and [[Abaddon]] have also taken to carrying these blades<ref name="seven21">[[7.21 Reading Is Fundamental]]</ref><ref name="eight07">[[8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin]]</ref><ref name="nine10">[[9.10 Road Trip]]</ref> as well as Sam and Dean.<ref name="nine01">[[9.01 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here]]</ref><ref name="nine02">[[9.02 Devil May Care]]</ref><ref name="nine03">[[9.03 I'm No Angel]]</ref>
==Weapon Properties==
[[File:Raphael_Angel_Blade.jpg|thumb|350px|Raphael brandishing an angel blade.]]
The weapon could be described as a long dagger or a short swordwith a tri-blade pattern. It can be used to kill [[angel]]s, [[demon]]s, [[hellhound]]s, [[reaper]]s, and regular [[Nephilim]] ([[Jack Kline]] being the product of an [[archangel]] makes him invulnerable to angel blades). It was revealed by [[Castiel]] that all angel blades have been touched by [[God]], whether God actually created them is unknown. An angel blade can also drain an angel of their power, as shown with Castiel when he is wounded by [[Rachel]]'s blade, which causes him to lose most of his angelic powerenergy to the point of hindering his time travel ability. It is also an efficient tool for torturing an angel as shown when [[Crowley]] tortures [[Samandriel]] with one. It was shown that angel blades briefly give off a blue spark of light when they clash with one another.<ref name="six03">[[6.03 The Third Man]]</ref>
Although [[Uriel]] stated that the only thing capable of killing an [[angel]] is another angel,possibly because these blades were exclusive to angels at the time.<ref name="four16" /> it seems that the The blades are still effective in the hands of a human or [[demon]]. Castiel gives his blade to the Winchesters to use on [[Anna]],<ref name="five13">[[5.13 The Song Remains the Same]]</ref> and [[Dean Winchester]] kills [[Zachariah]] with one as well<ref name="five18">[[5.18 Point of No Return]]</ref> and later another angel to save [[Gadreel]].<ref name="nine01" /> [[Sam]] is later able to use Castiel's blade to kill two [[demon]]s.<ref name="eight10">[[8.10 Torn and Frayed]]</ref> During an angelic fight, Rachel manages to pierce Castiel in the chest with her blade, but he survives, and he kills her.<ref name="six18">[[6.18 Frontierland]]</ref> [[Meg]] is later able to use one to kill [[hellhound]]s,<ref name="six10">[[6.10 Caged Heat]]</ref> [[Hester]]<ref name="seven21" /> and a demon with a her own blade.<ref name="eight17">[[8.17 Goodbye Stranger]]</ref>
It is shown that an angel blade can kill a [[reaper]], as demonstrated when [[Crowley]] kills the rogue reaper [[Ajay]] with one of his angel blades.<ref name="eight19">[[8.19 Taxi Driver]]</ref> The Winchesters have also been able to use angel blades to kill reapers<ref name="nine03" /> as well as Castiel.<ref name="twelve09">[[12.09 First Blood]]</ref> At one point, Crowley has a blade melted-down into [[Angel-Killing Bullets|bullets]] for [[Crowley's Gun|a gun]]. As long as the wound is fatal, the bullets work just as well as the blade itself.<ref name="eight21">[[8.21 The Great Escapist]]</ref> The [[Apocalypse World]] [[Bobby Singer (Apocalypse World)|Bobby Singer]] did something similar resulting in bullets and shotgun rounds capable of killing both angels and demons.<ref name="twelve23">[[12.23 All Along the Watchtower]]</ref>

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