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Lucifer's Cage

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===[[11.14 The Vessel]]===
Sam and Dean still believed that Lucifer is still in the cage until he reveals himself to be possessing Castiel.
===[[11.18 Hell's Angel]]===
Crowley offers to give Sam and Dean the [[Horn of Joshua]] in exchange for exorcising Lucifer from Castiel's vessel and sending him back to the cage, but Sam says that the cage is damn near impenetrable as it took Rowena and a spell from the ''Book of the Damned'' to summon him and inadvertently release him. Even though he tells the Winchesters that Rowena was killed and that she hid the book, Crowley is adamant in sending him back to the cage. They say that Lucifer may be their only hope in killing the Darkness if he has the Horn of Joshua.
===[[11.21 All in the Family]]===
Chuck tells Sam and Dean that he doesn't trust that Lucifer would help them against [[Amara]] because of his time imprisoned in the cage. Later, when Lucifer and Chuck agree to talk, Lucifer accuses him of throwing him into the cage because of what the Mark did to him, but Chuck says that he did what he had to do to keep mankind safe. When Chuck asks him what he would have done, Lucifer says it doesn't matter as he still forsook him, despite being his son.
===[[12.08 LOTUS]]===
After getting a [[Hyperbolic Pulse Generator]] from [[Arthur Ketch]] of the [[British Men of Letters]], the Winchesters, [[Castiel]], [[Crowley]] and [[Rowena]] team up together to return [[Lucifer]] to his cage. Using [[President Jefferson Rooney]]/Lucifer's mistress [[Kelly Kline]], the group lures Lucifer to a motel where Sam uses the Hyperbolic Pulse Generator, a device capable of expelling a [[demon]] from their [[vessel]]. The powerful pulse beats Lucifer back, as Rowena casts a spell to send Lucifer's essence back to the Cage. After exchanging words with Sam, Lucifer vacates the president's body, his essence swirls below the ceiling before going through a heating vent in the floor.
===[[12.14 The Raid13 Family Feud]]===Crowley reveals that he perverted Rowena's spell to send his essence back to his discarded vessel [[Nick]] rather than being sent back to the cage. Crowley had a dozen of his most loyal demons study the cage at the molecular level and replicate the material used in creating the chains that bind him.
===[[12.15 Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell]]===
When Lucifer escapes his chains and tries to kill Crowley, he reveals that he also had the runes and spellwork from the cage carved into every molecule of his vessel, allowing him to negate Lucifer's powers and effectively torture him.
===[[13.02 The Rising Son]]===
[[Drexel]] says that he and the demons have been searching for Lucifer, even checking the cage, and yielding no results.
===[[14.20 Moriah]]===
Castiel meets with a group of demons to visit the cage and study it, but she is uncooperative. When [[Chuck]] gives Sam and Dean [[The Equalizer]] to kill [[Jack]], Castiel suggests throwing him in the cage until they find a way to save Jack, but Dean, who is too stubborn to care, shoots down the idea.
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