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The Colt

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'''Make and Model of The Colt''': The Colt has the appearance of an [ 1836 Colt Paterson Pietta Paterson Super Deluxe]. In reality, the [ Colt Paterson], which is the first Revolver ever built, is surprisingly difficult to load. It can be assumed that the gun itself was modified in [[3.04 Sin City]] when [[Bobby]] agreed to let [[Ruby]] restore its supernatural killing abilities which would explain how it can be easily reloaded without undergoing the painstakingly long process of deconstructing its barrel. See: ''[ History of the Colt Paterson].''
'''Bullets''': The 13 bullets made by Samuel Colt are engraved with numbers. Whenever The Colt fires a bullet, a cross within a circle along with a few vestiges of ancient scripture appear on the tip of it and burns orange-red right before it hits anything. It was first noticed in [[2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two]] when Dean uses the final original bullet in the chamber to kill [[Azazel]]. Whenever the Colt was used in [[Season 12]], the cross can be seen in [[12.14 The Raid]] when the [[Alpha Vampire]] was killed by Sam and [[12.17 The British Invasion]] when [[Eileen Leahy]] intended to shoot [[Dagon]], but hits [[Renny Rawlings]] when she teleports out of the way. The cross appears to resemble a [ Cross Potent], the [ Sun Cross], or a [ Ringed Cross]. The closest match appears to be the [ Cross of Saint Benedict] which has been used for centuries to ward off evil, alluding to the inscription on the barrel of the gun.
Ruby was able to build more bullets for the Colt in [[3.04 Sin City]], and later in [[12.14 The Raid]], Sam relates that Bobby had learned the method from her and passed it on to him. The process requires [[holy oil]], sage and myrrh. They are mixed to make a tincture and used to coat silver bullets and the following spell must be recited to mimic the original etchings: ''"Signum est imitandum. Signum est imitandum."''

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