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1.01 Pilot

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'''[[Lawrence, Kansas]] - 22 years ago(1983)'''<br>
It is a happy family scene as [[Mary]] and [[John Winchester]] put their children, six-month-old [[Sam]] and four-year-old [[Dean]], to bed. Later, Mary investigates a sound coming from Sam’s nursery. She sees a figure standing over his crib and assumes it is John, but when she realizes it isn’t her husband she rushes back in. John, who was asleep in the living room, hears Mary's screams and rushes to the nursery, only to find her pinned to the ceiling with a deep wound across her belly. As he stares in shock, flames engulf Mary and the room. John hands the baby to Dean and tells him to run outside before trying in vain to save his wife. The scene ends with John and the boys sitting on the hood of their [[Impala]] as firemen tend to their burning house.
'''Present Day(2005)'''<br>
It is Halloween and Sam and his girlfriend, [[Jess]], go out for drinks to celebrate his good LSAT score, which should guarantee him a place in law school. Later that night, Sam awakens to the sound of someone breaking into their apartment. He wrestles with the intruder, only to discover that it is his older brother, Dean. The brothers haven’t spoken for [[Canon Discrepancies|some time]], and Dean is only turning up now because their father has gone missing on what Dean calls a "hunting trip."

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