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Angel Blade

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15.01 Back and to the Future
===[[15.01 Back and to the Future]]===
[[Castiel]] wields his angel blade against the [[zombies]] as well as his [[smiting]] ability. After [[Belphegor]] possesses [[Jack]]'s corpse, Castiel threatens the [[demon]] with his angel blade in an attempt to get Belphegor out of Jack. With Belphegor claiming to be able to help, Dean tells Castiel to back down and if Belphegor can't help them, he can stab the demon then. After Belphegor needs his blood for a spell, Castiel cuts his hand with the angel blade to provide it to the demon.
===[[15.03 The Rupture]]===
While escorting [[Belphegor]] into [[Hell]], [[Castiel]] arms himself with his angel blade, killing Malfayan with it. When [[Ardat]] attacks Castiel and [[Belphegor]], she is also armed with an angel blade. While Ardat is distracted revealing the truth about Belphegor to Castiel, Belphegor stabs Ardat in the back with another angel blade, killing her.

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