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Lilith's Chamber

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Lilith's Chamber is an area in Hell that had been sealed up for ages , according to the [[demon]] [[BelhegorBelphegor]]. This room is located down a corridor which is adorned by six statues of cloaked skeletal figures in demonic prayer. In her chamber, [[Lilith]] kept many powerful objects, among them a piece of jewelry known as the Haxon Ring as well as [[Lilith's Crook|he a Crook]] -- which is actually a ram's horn -- that , once blown , can call all demons on Earth to heHell.  When [[God decided ]] decides to initiate the end and opened opens a [[Portal|rupture to Hell]], it causes every door in Hell to open, including Lilith's Chamber. The demons and damned souls who did not take the opportunity to escape at first chance , including Malfayan, raided the chamber before the arrival of [[Castiel]] and Belphegor. Castiel is able to open the box containing the Crook, only to be attacked by [[Ardat]], who reveals Belphegor really intends to use the Crook to gain power for himself. Castiel is forced to [[smiting|smite]] Belphegor, burning [[Jack]]'s corpse to a charred skeleton and destroying the Crook. Jack's corpse was apparently left in Lilith's Chamber when Castiel escaped from Hell. When the Winchesters and Castiel return to Hell in search of [[Michael]], they arrive near Lilith's Chamber and have a brawl with several demons outside. It is here that they learn that [[Rowena]] is the new Queen of Hell. {|align="center"|[[File:Castiel &Belphegor.png|350px|thumb|[[Castiel]] and Belephegor[[Belphegor]] about to enter Lilith's Chamber.]]|[[File:Lilith'sChamber.png|350px|thumb|Interior of Lilith's Chamber.]]|}

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