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15.03 The Rupture
[[File:RowenaDeath.png|thumb|left|350px|Rowena prepares to sacrifice her life.]]
As Sam and Dean try to figure out what happened, Rowena grabs a knife and cuts her last resurrection sachet out of her left shoulder, to Sam's shock. Rowena explains that Lilith's Crook and Belphegor sucking the souls into Hell was the Winchesters' only shot, but it wasn't Rowena's only shot: magic can do anything and contain anything, including the vast multitudes of Hell. Rowena can soak the souls up for a time if she pays the priceof ''Death is an Infinite Vessel'': a spell from the Book of the Damned that's so simple that it draws its power from its caster and only requires two ingredients. Sam questions why she didn't tell them before and Rowena explains that the ingredients are her own still-coursing blood and her final breath. Rowena can absorb the ghosts and demons and return them to Hell, where her body will break down over time and release them back where they belong. Sam realizes that Rowena means she will have to sacrifice herself, which she confirms, along with the fact that Sam must be the one to kill her. Rowena reminds Sam that her real permanent demise is at his hands according to Death's books, but Sam continues to refuse. Rowena tells Sam that she can't do it herself and it has to be him. She says she wishes there was another way, that she doesn't care about anything enough to take her own life, not Sam, not Dean and not even the world. However, Rowena believes in prophecy and magic and they are both there with everything they need to end this. Rowena insists that she knows in her bones that it has to be this way and demands that Sam kill her.
Tearfully smiling at Sam, Rowena acknowledges that they have grown quite fond of each other and asks if Sam is willing to let his brother and the world die to save her. Crying, Sam pulls Rowena into a hug while stabbing her in the abdomen with the knife. Rowena tells Sam "that's my boy," before pulling out the knife and casting the spell. Walking towards the rupture, the mortally wounded Rowena draws all the souls and demons that escaped from Hell into herself. Stopping at the edge, Rowena looks back at Sam, Dean, and Castiel one last time and tells them "goodbye, boys" before throwing herself into the rupture. Rowena's devastated friends watch as she falls into Hell, the rupture sealing itself behind her.

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