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1.01 Pilot

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'''Luis:''' And Iā€™m not exactly the Huxtables.
:''Sam is referring to the family in the TV show [ The Brady Bunch], a large patchwork family that stands for the ultimate American middle class family. His friend mentions the Bradys' '80s African-American equivalent from [ The Cosby Show], the Huxtables.''
:''It is also possible that Sam is referring to the Brady family from the American soap opera, [ Days of our Lives], on which [[Jensen Ackles]] played Eric Brady.''
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'''Dean:''' I love the Smurfs.
:''[ The Smurfs] was a cartoon series about little blue creatures living in mushroom houses in the woods. There was only one female smurf, Smurfette. Some fans believe that Dean, however, 's comment here is referring not an allusion to the smurfs on Jessica's shirt, but to the pair underneathboobs.''
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