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===[[15.03 The Rupture]]===
:''"Goodbye, boys."''
Rowena has the Winchesters, Castiel, and Belphegor take her back to the crypt so she can cast the ''Rafforza l'incantesimo'' spell from the ''Book of the Damned '' to strengthen the barrier. Though Rowena expresses confidence that the spell will work, it fails and she becomes convinced that they are all going to die, explaining that the barrier is now too weak and the ghosts too strong for it to work. Rowena warns that together the ghosts are too strong and the barrier will fall and there's no magic on Earth that can stop it. If they are lucky, they have only hours. Dean asks Rowena to create some more Soul Catchers, but she informs him that it wouldn't matter and insists that it's over. Rowena suggests that if she had gotten there sooner, she could've tried any number of spells to close the rupture before it got to this point, but it is now too late. As Dean prepares to fight to the end against the ghosts, Rowena looks through the Book of the Damned and Sam questions if there is anything useful in it, but she tells him there's "not a thing."
When Belphegor suggests a plan to call all of Hell's souls back with Lilith's Crook, Rowena states that she can close the rupture using the ''Sanetur Acre Vulnus'', a healing spell of her own creation. As the rupture is a wound rather than a gateway, she can use the spell to heal the wound, causing the hole to close itself up. Rowena warns that they must time it perfectly and wonders how they will know when to start if Belphegor is in Hell when everything goes down. Belphegor assures Rowena that she will know when the time comes and Rowena states that they will need a few ingredients, nothing too exotic: lavender, myrrh, the skull of an owl, quiet to perform the spell, and an assistant. She requests Sam's help, stating that he is the closest thing they have to a seasoned witch amongst the group, aside from herself. However, they also need someone close to the edge to serve as a carrier for the spell, someone who will carry it and toss it into the rupture when the time is right. However, whoever performs this duty will be unprotected from the ghosts and can't use salt circles. Dean volunteers for that job. Belphegor states that he needs protection for his trip to Hell and Dean volunteers Castiel.

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