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===[[10.22 The Prisoner]]===
:''"Right, you don’t! Your brother’s a walkin’ freakin’ time bomb, and the clock, she’s a ticking. So you will kill my son, and you will do it my way, now!"''
Sam decides to end the work to remove the Mark and kill Rowena, but changes his mind once he receives an email from Charlie with how to crack her code breaker for the codexBook of the Damned and Nadya's Codex. Rowena confirms she can now remove the Mark, but demands that Sam kill Crowley first as she doesn't trust him to keep up his end of the deal otherwise. After Sam fails, he calls Rowena to tell her and give her Crowley's warning. While Rowena is left worried, she insists Sam keep trying.
[[File:RowenaFreed.png|thumb|right|350px|Rowena makes her escape with the ''[[Book of the Damned]]'', Charlie's Code Breaker, and [[Nadya's Codex]].]]
===[[10.23 Brother's Keeper]]===
:''"Impetus bestiarum. I'm afraid, Fergus, that in all your long life, you've never seen what a real witch can do with real magic. I'm terrifically pleased it's the last thing you'll ever see. Dele malum hoc."''
Following his failure to kill Crowley, Sam tries to threaten Rowena into helping with bullets filled with [[Witch-Killing Bullets|witch-killing brew]]. Rowena is not intimidated as Sam needs her to crack the ''Book of the Damned'' and to cast the spell. She offers a new deal: her freedom and the codex in exchange for removing the Mark. Sam agrees and Rowena determines the ingredients needed for the spell which includes her sacrificing the person she loves most. Castiel is able to determine this is a young man named [[Oskar]] whose family had helped her hundreds of years before and whom she had grown so fond of that she cured him of a terminal disease and made him immortal. Castiel summons Crowley, who brings them the ingredients and Oskar. Rowena is happy to see Oskar despite her protests of loving no one and is horrified that she will have to kill him. However, she is forced to go through with it and casts the spell to remove the Mark. She succeeds in removing the Mark but unwittingly releases [[the Darkness]] at the same time. After using the book's power to remove the Mark of Cain, her powers are super charged by the book's influence. Rowena takes the opportunity to escape with the ''Book of the Damned'', Nadya's Codex, and [[Charlie's Code Breaker]]. She casts an [[Spells#Attack_Dog_Spell|attack dog spell]] on Castiel so he will kill Crowley while he is immobilized.
===[[11.03 The Bad Seed]]===

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