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The Empty

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Before the Universe and even [[God]] and [[the Darkness]], there was only the Empty, an infinite black void. The Empty appears to exist outside of creation, and is the final resting place of [[angels]] and [[demons]]. A [[Cosmic Entity]] appears to preside over the Empty sleeping alongside the dead angels and demons.
The Empty is first referenced by the [[reaper]] [[Billie]], when she is delivering a message to [[Sam]] regarding his and [[Dean]]'s place after the death of [[Death]]. She states that nothing is able to come back from the Empty and the Cosmic Entity also claims that no other being has control in the Empty, not even God. However, both of these claims are later disproven. After being awoken by [[Jack]], the Entity sends Castiel back to Earth to return to sleep. <ref>[[13.03 Patience]]</ref>. Nick manages to open a portal to the Empty and briefly release Lucifer until Jack sends him back and kills Nick.<ref>[[14.07 Unhuman Nature]]</ref> God is shown to be capable of bringing dead angels and demons back from the Empty when he revives Lilith to aid in his plans.<ref>[[15.05 Proverbs 17:3]]</ref>.

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