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Mary Winchester

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==Trivia ==
{{TriviaQuote |Text=* [ Mary's nightgown is] pale pink not white. }}{{TriviaQuote |Text=* In the comic [[Origins 4]], it is related that in February 1979, John and Mary go rafting in the Grand Canyon while on their honeymoon. Their raft flips, and John nearly drowns until Mary saves him. That night, [[Dean]] is conceived. This is obviously at odds with the canonical timeline which has Dean born in January 24, 1979.}}{{TriviaQuote |Text=* Mary appears in a flashback in the ''Supernatural'' spin-off novel ''[[Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon]]'', where she and her parents first defeat a fire-[[demon]] known as the Heart of the Dragon in 1969. A teenager at this time, Mary flirts with a San Francisco hunter, and it is implied that they have had sex (The hunter was spared from going to Vietnam because of an injured foot, with Mary affirming to Samuel that the angle of the wound makes it impossible for it to have been self-inflicted). Reference is also made to her being friends with a local mechanic, who may or may not be [[John Winchester]].}}
==See also==
* [[Campbell (family)]]

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