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Angel Blade

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===[[12.23 All Along the Watchtower]]===
While facing down Lucifer in the [[Alternate Universealternate universe]], Dean uses a machine gun equip equipped with bullets made from discarded angel blades which that universes Bobby Singer lent to him. The bullets are able to temporarily stun Lucifer, but not kill him. After the gun jams Lucifer is able to take it from Dean and break it.
Soon after Crowley completes the spell to close the rift, Castiel charges through and stabs Lucifer in the gut with an angel blade and Sam and Dean go back to their universe. Moments later Castiel appears in front of the rift, however he is quickly stabbed in the back by Lucifer, killing Castiel.
===[[13.12 Various & Sundry Villains]]===
While guarding and taunting [[Castiel]] and [[Lucifer]], the [[demon]] [[Dipper]] carries around an angel blade. After Castiel and Lucifer break free and [[smiting|kill]] Dipper, Lucifer takes Dipper's angel blade for himself. The two are then attacked by four more demons and kill them, leaving Castiel and Lucifer both with bloody angel blades in the aftermath.
[[File:ShatteredAngelBlade.png|thumb|right|350px|[[Dean]]'s angel blade is shattered by Magog's sword, which was forged by a god.]]
When Castiel refuses to give some of his grace to him, Lucifer attacks Castiel with his angel blade, mildly wounding him. In response, Castiel impales Lucifer with his own angel blade, causing Lucifer's glowing red eyes to flicker a few times and go out.
In an effort to kill Lucifer while he is still weakened, [[Asmodeus]] arms [[Arthur Ketch]] with an angel blade, believing that in Lucifer's current state, an angel blade to the heart can kill him. The Winchesters and [[Castiel]] similarly arm themselves while chasing Lucifer in hopes of getting his grace to open a [[portal]] to [[Apocalypse World]], but Lucifer proves to be stronger than expected and easily beats them before Ketch drives Lucifer off with a [[demon bomb]].
[[File:ShatteredAngelBlade.png|thumb|right|350px|[[Dean]]'s angel blade is shattered by Magog's sword, which was forged by a god.]]
===[[13.14 Good Intentions]]===
Believing they need weapons "touched by God" in order to kill [[Gog and Magog]], Dean and Castiel uses angel blades. However, in their ensuing fight with Gog and Magog, they lose their weapons, with Dean's blade being shattered by Magog's sword. Dean is able to get a hold of and use Magog's sword to kill the two after learning their weapons were forged by a god.

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