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Not long after Michael's death, Lucifer's former vessel Nick attempt attempts to resurrect Lucifer from [[the Empty]] with the help of demons.<ref name="fourteen17" /> With Nick's prayer having awakened Lucifer months earlier,<ref name="fourteen07" /> he is able to contact the archangel using [[Prophet]] [[Donatello Redfield]], enhanced by angel grace, as a mouthpiece. Lucifer gives Nick instructions on a ritual involving Jack's blood that will bring Lucifer back from the Empty. Though Nick nearly succeeds, getting as far opening a [[portal]] that Lucifer emerges from, Jack intervenes and banishes Lucifer back to the Empty before killing Nick to keep him from trying again.<ref name="fourteen17" />
When God begins the end of the world, he opens every door in Hell, including the door to Lucifer's Cage. According to the demon [[Belphegor]], the Michael of Sam and Dean's world remains just sitting in the Cage, but Belphegor suggests that he might be looking for revenge for being trapped if he does leave.<ref name="fifteen01">[[15.01 Back and to the Future]]</ref>

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