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13.02 The Rising Son
===[[13.02 The Rising Son]]===
Upon meeting the [[Apocalypse World]] [[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Michael]], [[Lucifer]] comments that he'll buy that Michael is the counterpart of the one he left behind. However, Lucifer comments that the alternate Michael seems like a cheap knockoff of his brother "and he's a hot mess."
===[[13.23 Let the Good Times Roll]]===
After learning that [[Lucifer]] has become super-charged, Dean recalls [[Zachariah]] and [[Gabriel]] trying to convince him to say "yes" to Michael because of his destiny as Michael's [[vessel]], the Michael Sword. Dean reminds the [[Apocalypse World]] [[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Michael]] of this while making a deal with him to become the alternate Michael's vessel and finally kill Lucifer.
===[[15.01 Back and to the Future]]===

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