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Lucifer began arguing with his brothers, primarily Michael, who loyally followed their Father's word as law. Lucifer led an unsuccessful rebellion in [[Heaven]], which caused him to be cast out and to [[Fallen Angels|fall from grace]]. He was subsequently imprisoned in [[Lucifer's Cage|a Cage]] by Michael. Gabriel was in turn disgusted with his brother's behavior. He refrained from choosing sides by retreating to Earth and masquerading as the [[Trickster]], [[Loki]].<ref name="five08">[[5.08 Changing Channels]]</ref> In God's absence, Michael took over the entire [[The Host of Heaven|Host of Heaven]] while Raphael continued his responsibilities as an archangel.
According to [[Metatron]], the archangels, in their despair decided to take over the universe themselves after God left Heaven. Metatron realized that he and the [[Tablets|Word of God]] were needed to do so, so he fled to Earth seeking refuge for the tablets and himself. The archangels were unable to locate Metatron due to his extreme isolation from Heaven, and their plans were delayed. Metatron was also cut off from Heaven making him unaware of the archangelarchangels's fates until contact with the Winchester brothers.<ref name="eight21">[[8.21 The Great Escapist]]</ref> In the demon tablet, Metatron is falsely identified as an archangel.<ref name="eight07">[[8.07 A Little Slice of Kevin]]</ref>
At some point in the past, the archangels were believed to have killed all of the [[Knights of Hell]] with [[the First Blade]]. However, it is revealed that this task was actually undertaken by [[Cain]].<ref name="nine11">[[9.11 First Born]]</ref>

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