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A marid is an amphibious humanoid [[monster]] that sustains themselves itself by feeding off of the blood of their its victims. Marids appear green and scaly, with horns protruding from their heads, as well as and fins on each sides of their jawlines. They have dark eyes and sharp jagged teeth.
===Powers and abilities===
* Grants wealth – If captured, a marid can grant the person holding it captive good health and wealth, so long as it is kept fed.
* Super strength – A marid appears strong enough to break down the metal door of it's its confinement.
===[[15.07 Last Call]]===
15 years ago, after a rough case involving cultists in Arizona, [[Lee Webb]] ended up near Texhoma, Texas , on a hunt where he came across a marid. Learning that the marid can offer him money and health, in exchange for being fed, Lee captured the creature and soon opened bought a bar -- Swayze's -- where he kept the marid locked away in the bar's basement.
Lee's kidnapping of Angela Sullivan to feed the marid comes to the attention of [[Dean Winchester]], who is surprised to find his old friend running Swayze's Bar. After a night of reminiscing, Lee offers to help Dean on his hunt, though he tries to set Dean on the wrong trail, by directing him to a nearby lake. However, waitress [[Lorna]] suggests they check the wrecking yard, much to Lee's chagrin.
After Dean locates Angela's car (and her drained body in the trunk), Lee knocks Dean out and restrains him in the bar's basement, where he hooks Dean up to an IV. As the blood begins to drip out into the marid's cage, the creature appears and begins to feed. Dean is able break free to escape from his restraints, which causes the marid's feeding to stop, angering the monster enough to break free from confinement. After a short fight, Dean is able to decapitate the marid and throws its head at Lee's feet in the bar.
==Marid in Lore==

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